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Last Updated: Monday, 28 November 2005, 10:21 GMT
Uribe announces re-election bid
Alvaro Uribe
Mr Uribe's hardline stance on security has won him support
Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has officially announced he will stand for re-election next May.

Mr Uribe vowed to eradicate poverty and "definitively root out corruption" as he made the brief announcement on TV.

Last month, the Constitutional Court ruled that presidents could seek a second consecutive term.

It also endorsed a set of rules for incumbents seeking re-election which say the president is the only member of government who can actively campaign.

The rules followed concerns about abuse of office.

Mr Uribe's current Vice-President, Francisco Santos, will be his running mate in the election to be held on 28 May.

A vote for Uribe is a vote against the FARC rebels
Nicolas Canal, Melbourne, Australia

Mr Uribe has a high approval rating, which correspondents say is due to his hardline stance on security.

The Colombian leader says he needs four more years in office to implement his tough policies against armed groups and drug-traffickers.

But opponents had argued that allowing re-election would give presidents too much power.

Mr Uribe is one of Washington's strongest allies in South America, where many governments have recently shifted to the left.

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