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Last Updated: Friday, 22 April, 2005, 00:26 GMT 01:26 UK
Bush's $81bn war budget approved
US President George W Bush
The bill calls for Bush to improve war cost estimates
The US Senate has approved President George W Bush's request for an extra $81.3bn (42.6bn) for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A majority of 99-0 agreed the spending, which will mostly be used to pay army wages and replace or repair equipment.

But some funds will also go towards helping tsunami victims and paying for additional US border guards.

The new money pushes war spending to about $300bn (158.6bn) since the 11 September 2001 attacks.

The amount is in addition to the Pentagon's annual budget, which already totals more than $400bn.

The bill also calls on the presidency to give better estimates of how much the war is going to cost.


Before passing the bill, senators agreed to add $213m to buy more armour-protected Humvee military vehicles.

The move follows soldier complaints that in Iraq they had to hunt for scrap metal to protect their vehicles from insurgent attacks.

Although both the Senate and House have approved President Bush's request, they have disagreed over how much should be used in military operations.

Negotiations between the two sides over the final bill are due to start soon, so the Pentagon can receive the funds in May.

Other issues to be resolved include immigration changes, the rebuilding of the US embassy in Baghdad, military death benefits and the future of an aircraft carrier.

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