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Menem 'to renew presidential bid'
Carlos Menem with his wife Cecilia during the interview
Mr Menem was interviewed by his wife on Chilean TV
Argentina's former President Carlos Menem has insisted that he will run again for president in 2007.

In a TV interview conducted by his Chilean wife, former Miss Universe Cecilia Bolocco, he said he would try again in 2011 if he did not win.

"I am convinced I can still be useful to my country," said Mr Menem, who was president from 1989 to 1999.

Mr Menem, 75, failed in his bid to return to the presidency two years ago but won a Senate seat last month.

Many Argentines associate his government with corruption and the country's economic collapse in 2001.

But for others, Mr Menem stirs memories of the golden economic era that preceded the crisis and he still enjoys significant support.

Speaking on his wife's weekly talk show, he also predicted that Maximo, the couple's 2-year-old son, would someday become president of Chile.

'Politically motivated'

Earlier this week, two Argentine lawyers filed a lawsuit against Mr Menem to prevent him from becoming Senator, as he is still under investigation on several charges.

Mr Menem, from the Peronist Party, denies any wrongdoing and insists the accusations are politically motivated.

He returned home from self-imposed exile in Chile in December 2004, after two warrants for his arrest were cancelled.

They had been issued in connection with allegations that he held a secret Swiss bank account containing $600,000 from the tax authorities.

In return, Mr Menem promised not to elude the judicial authorities or interfere in the investigations against him.

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