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Last Updated: Monday, 21 November 2005, 20:25 GMT
Nike jet makes emergency landing
A Gulfstream V similar to the Nike corporate jet
The Gulfstream V is a high-performance business jet
A corporate jet carrying executives from the Nike company suffered landing gear problems but made a safe emergency landing at a US airport.

One wheel on the Gulfstream V jet failed to retract shortly after it took off from Hillsboro airport in Oregon.

Four executives and three crew were on board the flight, which was bound for Toronto but spent hours circling above Hillsboro to burn off excess fuel.

Nike Founder Philip Knight was not on board the jet, US media reported.

The sportswear company - based in nearby Beaverton, Oregon - said Nike staff were in touch with airport officials, Gulfstream engineers and the Federal Aviation Authority.

Emergency crews were on alert at Hillsboro and also at Portland International Airport.

In September, a US aeroplane with 146 people on board made a dramatic but safe emergency landing at Los Angeles airport after its landing gear failed to retract.

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