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Last Updated: Saturday, 9 April, 2005, 21:20 GMT 22:20 UK
Police kill Haitian rebel leader
Ravix Remissainthe
Ravix was wanted in connection with the death of four policemen
Haitian police have killed a prominent rebel leader in a suburb of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Ravix Remissainthe was one of the key figures in a three-week uprising that ousted former President Jean-Bernard Aristide.

Ravix was wanted by police in connection with the murder of four officers in February and several other attacks on police stations.

Rival armed gangs are still out of control in the violence-ridden country.

UN civilian police spokesman Dan Moskaluk, who confirmed the death of the self-styled leader former Haitian military personnel to the Associated Press news agency, described it as the "elimination of a threat" to UN personnel and Haitian police.

Remissainthe, a former sergeant, had been in conflict with law-enforcement authorities over the re-establishment of the army, which was disbanded in 1994.

'Not enough'

Groups of ex-soldiers are still in control of several towns in the countryside.

The gun battle that led to his death started when police spotted a group of men fleeing in an industrial area of the capital.

They were cornered inside a building and a shootout ensued.

It is not clear whether Remissainthe, whose body was later taken to the General Hospital, was the only victim.

The AFP news agency reported that three of his supporters had been killed with him in the course of the stand-off.

A Geneva-based research group, the Small Arms Survey, has recently criticised the UN peacekeeping force in Haiti for not doing enough to disarm rival gangs.

It warned that if armed groups are not permanently demilitarised, the country's "vicious circle" will continue.

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