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Last Updated: Friday, 11 November 2005, 02:37 GMT
Schwarzenegger accepts vote blame
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Mr Schwarzenegger faces re-election in 2006
Arnold Schwarzenegger has said he holds himself to blame for the failure to win public backing for a package of reforms in the US state of California.

Mr Schwarzenegger, the state governor, had backed changes on four issues but voters rejected all his measures, as well as four others put to the vote.

He said he would learn from the defeat, saying that he had a "different mentality" to other politicians.

He pledged to consult with state politicians more over future reforms.

"If I was to make another Terminator movie, I would tell Terminator to travel back in time to tell Arnold not to have another special election," Mr Schwarzenegger said.

'Gloves down'

He maintained his support for his proposals, which included a change in the way the state budget is managed, taking the power to draw electoral districts away from politicians, and increasing the length of time teachers had to work before gaining tenure.

It was the law of supply and demand - there was plenty of supply of initiatives, but not the demand
Arnold Schwarzenegger
But he said he was wrong to take the wide range of issues to a public vote without fully consulting state representatives.

"The people said, 'Initiatives are fine, but you know, go and work it out with the legislators.'

"It was the law of supply and demand - there was plenty of supply of initiatives, but not the demand."

The governor had supported four out of eight of the initiatives that were put to the vote, and rejected, on Tuesday.

Among those he did not take a position on was a measure requiring doctors to notify the parents of a minor 48 hours before performing an abortion.

Mr Schwarzenegger spoke on Thursday after a 37-minute meeting with California Republicans and Democrats.

Democrats had accused Mr Schwarzenegger, who will face re-election as governor in 2006, of attempting to boost his powers at the ballot box rather than pass measures in the state legislature.

"Everybody understands that we've got to put down the boxing gloves and get some stuff done," said assembly speaker Fabian Nunez.

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