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Woman auctions home - and herself
Figures on a wedding cake
Ms Hale has not yet found her soul mate, she says
A US woman selling her house in Denver, Colorado over the internet has decided to throw in a little extra - herself.

The house is 95 years old. The bride who comes with it is 48.

Deborah Hale, a jewellery designer who runs her own business, says she set up her House with Bride website because she "had not met that special someone to share this house with".

She is asking $600,000 (343,000) for the house and furnishings.

She herself is "priceless", she says many of her girlfriends advised her.

"I hope to find that special man who wants to build a life with me and share this special home with me," her website says.

Her ideal candidate is between 40 and 60 years old, educated, well-spoken, professional and "spiritual".

Ms Hale's business is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but because her life there "revolved solely around my work", she bought the house in Denver in order to "make some changes to improve my social life and hopefully meet my 'soul mate' ", she writes.

She says she was unsuccessful using dating agencies and going on blind dates.

Ms Hale invites bidders to send videos or DVDs of themselves, plus "information about why you are interested either in this house and/or Deborah" and "any additional information you would like to provide".

The auction - which is also listed on eBay - closes on Valentine's Day 2006.

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