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Pope's death: Americas views
Brazilian women pray on hearing of death of Pope

Hundreds of readers from across the Americas region have sent us their reaction to the death of Pope John Paul II.

Here is a selection of their comments:

The following comments reflect the balance of views received.

We love you, Dear Pope John Paul II. Thank you very much for making this world a better place for us all. Rest in Peace besides God.
Louis M. Horta, Brazil

The passing of Pope John Paul once again reminds us all, that the greatest generation who successfully resisted the Nazi regime in Europe and Japan in the Pacific are passing on. The Pope as a Cardinal in Poland was able to continue to work for the freedom of his people under the Soviet Union and ultimately to influence the Poles to resist Soviet rule in a non-violent way and contribute to the liberation of eastern Europe. The history of the world will judge him to be a great leader of his church and as a world wide influence for freedom & human rights.
Jim McDonald, USA

Although I am not a religious man, I admire Pope John Paul as a good man who struggled valiantly against his fight for a democratic Poland and eastern Europe. An athlete, an artist, a man of great character and perseverance. He is to be respected as a good man if nothing else.
Capt Rick Dykens, Canada

To those self-serving cynics who rejoice in the passing of a kind, generous, hardworking man based on outdated, uninformed and biased notions of the Catholic church I ask this; How many of you could forgive the man who shot you? How many of you can openly proclaim your beliefs with such joy and conviction? How many of you would willingly give over your whole life to the service of others, sacrificing your time and personal comfort to fight for peace and justice? The Pope did not cause harm in the world, he was only trying to correct all our selfish mistakes. All we do these days is criticize, how about giving thanks for the good that he did.
Azalea, Canada

Before the world imagined a Pope would travel to other countries he came to us in Mexico.
Susana, Mexico
El Papa Juan Pablo is very special because he visited our country many times and Mexico was the first place he travelled to so soon after he became Pope, before the world imagined a Pope would travel to other countries he came to us in Mexico. He was received with such joy and he embraced the Mexican people. He had that wonderful gift of making us all feel somehow special and that each individual mattered. I never thought that I would feel such great sense of loss and sadness.
Susana, Mexico

You were a good and holy man. One who showed courage against those who persecuted you during your youth and who gave Eastern Europe freedom from Communism. You were not afraid to speak the word of God. You were criticised by many for your stand on abortion and women priests, but you were firm in your beliefs. The sight of you fervently praying brought tears to our eyes. You have left our world and we will dearly miss you, but we take comfort knowing that you are looking down on us with love, just as you did while on earth You lived a life of a saint and the outpouring of grief at your death is proof that you will never ever be forgotten.
Arthur Sequeira, Vancouver, Canada

A humble and compassionate man who showed us how to live and how to die. He was an example to all of us, particularly those of us who are handicapped. His words of "Do not be afraid" are words to live by. The words of the prayer of St Francis "Lord, make me an instrument of Thy Peace" truly apply to this man of God.
Patricia, USA/Jackson, Georgia

We watched with great sadness and mixed emotions the funeral of Our Holy Father. (2:00am Belize Time) We were extremely moved and touched as we remember vividly his visit to our country on March 9th., 1983. He served his flock and all who came in contact with him with immense dignity, love and compassion. We miss him already but Pope John Paul II is now at peace with his maker!!!
Florita Gidwani & Family, Belize, Central America

We were newlyweds in Rome in 2000 and were able to attend an audience at the Vatican. We were excited just to be up front with all of the other new married couples, but after the service groups of people got to actually meet and speak with the Holy Father. We were thrilled to actually meet him in person and receive his blessing. My wife and I were stunned to be in his presence and without knowing what to say after he blessed us, my wife said "thank you for having us". To our surprise he said "you are welcome" right back to us. It was a once in a lifetime chance to see the humanity of a famous person up close and my wife and I will never forget that day.
Nathan K, USA

It is with deep sadness that I heard about the passing of the Pope. I plan on visiting Rome this September and the main purpose of my trip was to catch a glimpse of the Pontiff. I know it is selfish but I had hoped so much that I could see him.
John Veilleux, Canada

Holy Father - We will miss you. We thank you so much for your guidance and perseverance and for setting such a wonderful example. We pray for your soul, but we know you are no longer in pain. May God Bless You and Keep You Safe Until We All Meet Again In Eternity. I wish I could be there in person will all the millions paying tribute to you in person.
Anna, USA

In order to make the Church more relevant in today's world, the Cardinals in Rome have this unique opportunity to elect a Pope that can make the Church closer to the people. I hope they elect a Pope from Latin America or Africa so the people from Latin America or Africa can feel more attached to the Church. Also I think that the next Pope must travel the same way the John Paul II did, so people can feel closer to the Church.
Philip Agee, New York City

This Pope changed the world and how we see religion today
Judi de Sautels, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
I am not a religious person. Not Catholic. But I would like to say that this Pope changed the world and how we see religion today. He will be missed and remembered in history. He made a difference
Judi de Sautels, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The path that the Holy Father made in his 26 years of Papal reign was not a new path. Christ's word is 2000+ years old, and has not changed. Man has changed. Pope John Paul message was to the world, the word has not changed.
Christine Benning, United States of America

Dear Pope John Paul II, you have completed your work on earth. You have begun your work among the saints in heaven. You have touched all our lives in a good way. Please pray for me and my family.
Delores Reichenbach, USA

When Karol Wojtyla was elected Pope, Czeslaw Milosz wrote that Poland had acquired a king. If one were to use this title, then one could truly say that Carolus Wojtyla was the first monarch of the Earth. For surely he was more than a world leader. He kissed the earth of every country he visited and wished for good in all human beings, irrespective of religion, colour, nationality, gender or age. As no-one else before him, he tried to unite the entire human race.
Bogdan Czaykowski, Canada

I think the Pope was a great person. He tought us many things in his few days of life.
Iliana Espinoas, Canada

Our late, great Pope's mission in the 20th century was no different than Jesus? 2000 years ago. John Paul's presence on Earth was simply that: as an astute teacher, a humble shepherd, a loving father; exhorting us to be better Christians and better people by his actions, and yet forgiving us when we fell short. He lived humbly, as Jesus did; and most recently, he died nobly, as Jesus did. What an example for all of us, John Paul. God Bless You.
Tony, California, USA

Pope John Paul II did not just represent his religion but he represented how a man should be. Even though I am a proud Muslim I feel great sorrow for Catholics and for me because another great man has left us. His ambition to do the right thing and think about others before himself always been inspiring. May God give peace to his love ones and rest him in peace.
Rashid Khan, Brownstown, MI, USA

What a wonderful man you were. You will be missed. I remind myself everyday that this is for the best. You're happy in heaven with God looking down upon us. May your journey be a peaceful one, father.
Roxanne, Canada

John Paul II has been a personal hero of mine since early childhood. His heart for peace, determination for justice, and courageous commitment to compassion and unity have profoundly changed the world for the better. I feel incredibly humbled by and deeply respectful of this truly great human being and leader. Holy Father, may the grace, peace, love, and joy of God be in and with you without end. We thank you for your gifts to this world, celebrate your passage to the next, and sincerely grieve your loss. Aloha nui loa.
Kimberly Kanouff, Hawaii, USA

An extraordinary human being
Svetlana Mikheyeva, USA
Good bye good man. You have visited Bolivia and gave us a lot of peace and love. Bolivians will never forget you. You were the only one and that's why you will never die in the hearths of our country. Adios.
Javier Sanchez, La Paz, Bolivia

It is with a heavy heart to see our Holy Father leave us but so wonderful to reflect on what he has left us to work with towards the future as Catholics and as citizens of the world.
Mark Gelinas, Canada

I am an Argentinean. In 1978, during the conflict against Chile and in 1982, during the Falklands war, the Pope helped Argentines to make prevail the peace over the war. "Make a chain against the war," he told us. He protested actively against neo-liberalism and poverty. His message of forgiveness, social justice, and religious tolerance will be alive in the memory of Latin Americans. God bless him.
Cecilia Luque, Argentina

Thank-you for your life's work to humanity. We loved you.
Heather & Raymond L'Heureux, Canada

The Pope will always hold a special place in all Catholics' hearts, I myself am not Catholic, I am Protestant. However I truly admire his traditions and his faith. I appreciate his opinions about world matters and his use of the media.
Jason W Osswald, Ridgecrest CA, US

He was one of the most respected persons of the world. His death makes me fell very sad. It also makes me feel relief, because after his long suffering, he is with God now. Intelligent, with a peaceful smile, always in favour of the peace, without any religion discrimination. That was Pope John Paul II. As an Argentine, I have to say "thank you" to him. Without his help, Argentina would have been in war with Chile, and that would have brought terrible and unforgettable for the two countries.
Agustina, Argentina

A truly, truly remarkable and humble man. It is with infinite sadness and sorrow that I write this message. His death has left such a void in the world today. He has set the bar at the highest level and it's going to take another remarkable man to overcome that. I hope that his successor will rise to the occasion and forge onwards where His Holiness left off. "The king is dead. Long live the king."
Shaun, Brenda, Natassja & Lyndon Underwood, Calgary, Canada

Pope John Paul II taught religion, equality, peace, and acceptance. We mourn not only the loss of a great Pope, but the loss of an extraordinary human being.
Svetlana Mikheyeva, USA

All I can say is that I love the Pope.
Omar, Brazil

As a Chilean non-Catholic, I want to express my deepest sorrow for the death of one of the greatest men of our times. He did great things in his struggle for peace all over the world. He also has a special meaning for my country because he interceded between Argentine and Chile shortly after being named Pope, when he prevented us from going into war (We were hours, if not minutes away from shooting the first bullet!) He also visited us during the terrible days of Pinochet's dictatorship and gave the opposition new hopes of reaching democracy, as we indeed reached when we defeated the beast (Pinochet) without shooting one single bullet. 15 million Chileans mourn him
Mariaelena Jara, Chile

It's a sad day for the entire world. The Catholic Church has lost an exceptional leader. He is now joining his Father in Heaven. May God reward him for all his great deeds.
Nadine & Felix, Trinidad & Tobago

The world has lost one of its holiest souls. The Pope was the conscience keeper of the world, a moral authority to whom we could all look up to. He had a deep respect for all religions and tried to bring all human beings together, irrespective of their religion. Until last he wanted to keep his connection to his people. I was amazed when I saw him giving his blessings during Easter. In such poor health condition no one but him could have braved poor health to connect to his people. No wonder he was the most travelled and most loved Pope in history. I am sure he is a blessed man. I pray to God to give us one more Pope like him.
Vinod Sandanasamy, U.S.A

A true man of God who for 26yrs taught us how to live and at the end showed us how to die. God bless you and you'll be missed.
Onyekachi Ngumah, USA

Smiling, intelligent, a great bridge-builder... he could have been a really great man if he hadn't been straitjacketed by the antiquated ideology of an intolerant religion. Let's have more world leaders like that, I would say, and a lot less fundamentalist religion.
Willem, Canada

Pope John Paul II will go down in history as one of the greatest popes, tirelessly working for peace and unity between religions. The world has truly lost a great pope. May He rest in heaven with God.
Charles Van Eeckhout, United States

In a world that values consumerism, Communism, liberalism and intolerance of those who choose to believe in the Almighty, Pope John Paul II stood up against these forces of darkness, and reminded the world that Life matters.
Frederick J. Bainhauer III, Pennsylvania USA

I am 10 years of age and I live in Brampton, and my family and I would like to send condolence to the pope on his passing away we wish peace and harmony for him in heaven. May he rest in peace
Chris, Canada

Rest in peace and thank you for all the good that you did while on this earth.

He was the alternative. I will miss him
Samuel Henderson, USA

What a man! I'm a Catholic; not a practising one now, but it doesn't matter about me. The fact that he took the name John Paul II has always impressed me. This is the first Pope that ever took my interest; I am 55 years old, so go figure.
Laurence O'Neill, USA

I am not attending church very often. But I have always been strangely fascinated by Pope John Paul II. He led a life worth of admiration and was so human at the same time. Today is a very sad day and end of an era - era of John Paul II. He made world a better place during his tenure, sadly not a case for every man of stature. Thanks and so long!
Aigars, United States

I am a Protestant Christian but this Pope has truly affected my life. His book Lift Up your Hearts and his writings on suffering have blessed and helped me so much.
Janet Kotynski, USA/Indonesia

Pope John Paul was a very great man, he had a great presence and he never really forgot human nature and the failures of man, he did not rise above the people who loved him, he stayed grounded for his people. I never paid that much attention to the other Popes, but I did to him, because he seemed real, human and genuinely forgiving to humanity, not just mouthing the words. I pray for his family and all who love him.
Linda Buchanan, United State of America

Pope John Paul II will be deeply missed here in the USA. Truly, a man of Christian values and a role model for every human being.
Howard A. Hannon, USA

I would like to witness to the extraordinary presence that exuded from John Paul II, which was an overwhelming sense of love and holiness. I can only compare it to that of Jesus himself, who, by a simple 'follow me', completely changed Matthew's life. John Paul II had that same presence, and that is why he is so much loved. He carried the presence of Jesus to the ends of the earth. His words were alive, because they had the conviction of God.
Denis Leblond, USA

A giant of the 20th Century, with the likes of Roosevelt, Churchill, Einstein, and Gandhi.
Bob Abrams, USA

How come all the comments say basically the same thing? Not very balanced. Good riddance. Promoting intolerance was not a good thing.
Wolf Ledermann, San Francisco CA

I'm raised as an Hindu, but gained my education in a Catholic school. So I cannot forget the great impact I had in my life to hear holy father in Kenya. I'm sad the world has lost champion, he taught me the power of prayer. It will be very hard to have a world leader to follow his legacy. God bless his soul and may he lead us from wrong to right.
Samir Deshpande, USA

I will sure miss him, he was the only Pope I had as a Catholic during my youth and early adulthood. It will be a very difficult for whomever gets elected to rise to his level
Mateo Budincih, USA

Pope John Paul II has been the pillar of strength for the Catholic Church for decades. His convictions have been a testimony to the Truth in a sceptical age in which everything is uncertain and ephemeral. May his soul rest in the embrace of the Lord, and may his example inspire us to love others, grounded in sure basis of faith and moral direction.
Justin Murray, USA

I have enormous respect for our Holy Father John Paul II, not only for the love he expressed for people, but the also for the way he loved Our Virgin, The Blessed Mother. You will be greatly missed Father. I feel pain to know that he is no longer here, but I am excited for him, knowing that he is now with God and Jesus.
Michelle, USA

I believe that we have lost today, one of the very few good men of our time. I feel privileged to have experienced his presence on this world, as well as his remarkable work. I wish I was part of the millions who were blessed to have seen him in person. You will be forever remembered and celebrated. Thank you for your gift to us.
Gerges, USA

What a beautiful tribute to Jesus Pope John Paul's life was! A faithful prayerful man who has helped to change the world. He will be missed, not only by the Catholics of the world but by all who seek peace for the world.
Mary Gleason, United States of America

The flock needs Pope John Paul II more than ever. Pray that the next Pope has the wisdom and experience to succeed this marvellous man. We are so fortunate to have had his leadership of the Roman Catholic faith and his contributions to the world in general. Let us all look to his example and try to be better. Thank you Poland for sending us this great man of God.
William C. Quill, USA

As a non-Catholic, I too mourn the loss of a great man. John Paul II was an astute shepherd of his flock. Charismatic, inspiring and spiritual - words that reflect the last Pope. The world has experienced a severe loss. We not only mourn but take this time to celebrate his life and the 24 years of his Papacy. May his soul rest in peace!
A Anderson Morris, Trinidad & Tobago

Here in Halifax Canada we remember the visit he did in 1984 and across Canada Catholics are sadden by his death as are Anglican united church members and others religious group here since we are all close together. He will be missed and remembered as the greatest Pope and the youths' Pope. I will miss him
Sylvain Perron, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada

No one can deny this man, magic... even non-Catholics felt the peace he projected, the next Pope will have a lot of work to do to: keep the Catholic church in the level the Pope left it. Now he's up there, where he belongs. The first great icon of this millennium has gone. People will talk about Pope John Paul II in 100 years...
Alberto Vizcarra, Mexico City, Mexico

Remembering various "Divine Signs" from his US Visit to NYC, what will be remembered was that in October 1979, there had been stormy weather, but upon his arrival at a particular location, the stormy condition subsided. Pope John Paul II remarked "You have special weather, here." On the Day, of the Joint Knights of Columbus-Diocese of Brooklyn Mass, at Aqueduct Race Course, a terrible storm had occurred overnight. Then the weather cleared, to a strong, warm wind. The Wind blew the Pope's Zucchetto (Skull Cap), to an unknown location, blowing at several Kilometres per hour. He spoke of the strong wind, as a manifestation of The Holy Spirit, as Spirit is great wind. On Friday, April 1st, we heard of the news that he was dying. I cried four times at St. Patrick's Cathedral, it was there I had found that Pope John Paul II has at last gone home. Thank You, Your Holiness, for a job so well-Done.
Michael Leggett, United States of America

John Paul II was the supreme moral authority in the world and has deeply affected world history. In addition, he has demonstrated the incredible power of goodness, justice, and humanism. The revealed truth of God will continue to evolve as per His plan. John Paul II has interpreted it very effectively in terms of human dignity and the value of all life. It will fall to a successor to interpret the revealed truth of the righteousness of woman priests.
Tom Uttaro, USA

John Paul II was a unique example: how he carried the cross, how he worked, prayed and preached tirelessly, till his death, how he cared for the Church and for everyone. John Paul II: thank you!
Elizabeth Pechiar, Uruguay

Pope John Paul came to Miami in the mid-1980s, 100,000 went to his Mass at Florida International University. A huge rainbow from one side of the sky to the other appeared before the rains fell... He proceeded to call Florida "The land of the Sun..."
Phil Secada, Hialeah, Florida USA

An incredible human being who touched the lives of everyone, in a way nobody has ever done. He has showed us how to practice the fundamental pillar of Christianity - The unwavering love and support towards the marginalised.
Mario Cordina, Canada

Clearly... an end to an era. Peace unto him.
Brian O'Hare, New York, New York

Blessed be the Peacemakers... God will be good to him!
Joanne M., San Diego, California, USA

I am deeply saddened by the death of our father and I am happy with what he did in his time in the papacy. Sweet rest John Paul II
David Sanchini, Canada

Loss of Pope Is not the loss just to Catholics but it is loss to entire mankind, including Jews and Muslims. I invite the leadership of Jews ,Christians and Muslims to try generate this nearness of all three traditions as the Pope did by visiting synagogues and mosques. Also speaking out for what is right, and working for what is good for all, tirelessly.
Humaira Ali, USA

A Great Individual, Pope John Paul II. He was Pope when I embraced the Catholic Faith in conversion, 2001. His example was always a wonderful testimony, in my journey. I will surely miss the one who never gave up in all his life's challenges.
brian, USA

He was one of the greatest. Certainly a Doctor of the Church, and possibly a Saint.
John, Trinidad & Tobago

I am not a Catholic or a Christian of any denomination, I am a Hindu. When I was very young, my school arranged for a tour to parade before Pope when he visited St. Thomas church in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. It is a small church on a hill near the airport. He did not speak to us individually or anything, we were kids after all and did not quite know how to act in his presence, we were clumsy. He was very tolerant and cheerful. He did address the crowd and blessed all of us. That was one of the most profound experience I have had. At that time he was freely mingling with all the people and I was surprised at his down to earth personality compared to other religious heads we have in India. That was the only time I have seen him in person, but, I have followed stories about him with keen interest and, I am saddened by his death. It is a great loss. May his soul rest in peace in the heavens he so richly deserves.
Dwarakanath Kannan, USA

He was an inspiration to all, not just Catholics. The rulers of the world should follow in his footsteps.
Norm, USA

I was just 15 years old in 1988 when he visited Bolivia. I will always treasure the beautiful feeling that embrace me when I saw him. I love him for visiting my country which is usually forgotten by others but not by him. He had room for all of us and his prayers and actions have and will inspire many.
Marialuz Menacho, United States

Rest in Peace Holy Father! You will always be in my heart.
Carol Chisholm, Texas USA / UK

May the Lord rest your soul in peace, despite your poor health you continued with an extraordinary and physical energy to support and help everywhere...Your dedication for peace and justice in the world will be always deep and engraved in my heart. God rest your soul, we'll all miss you, pray for me and my daughter. I know you will do. I am not a Roman Catholic, but I am a faithful good Christian. Remember our poor nations.
Rougie George, Toronto, Canada

He was such a kind and good Pope. His goodness radiated from him. I am so proud to be a Catholic today and grateful to have had him as my spiritual leader.
Sonali Menezes, Canada

We have lost a great man who was an inspiration to us all. God Bless You Pope John Paul II
Mike Brainard, USA

He was a humble, holy, great man, a tireless warrior for peace, Truth, and the salvation of mankind. He will be sorely missed. God grant him his eternal reward.
Matt, USA

Karol Wojtyla was a serious, published academic philosopher. Thus, as Pope, unlike a politician, he wrote not just with love, but also precision, consistency, and thoroughness; above all, he took responsibility for it. He did all this with passion, because with Nazism and communism, he saw the terrible human cost of not doing so.
Laura, USA

Now that Pope John Paul II has passed on, I hope the Vatican will select a new Pope who will carry on his message of peace, tolerance and human rights. Pope John Paul II's message good message must not end.
Ahmad, Ottawa

The Holy Father had lived a life that reflected the true teachings of the Master Jesus. He was a champion and advocate of the poor and needy in this world. His legacy will live forever and so do his teachings. Indeed he will be remembered throughout the ages.
Sony Thomas, Canada

I loved a recent quote. When asked permission to tape him, he reportedly said: "If it's not on television, it didn't happen." Truly a modern renaissance man. Yes, he will be missed, whether one is Catholic or not.
Jeanne Ingersol, USA

"DO NOT BE AFRAID" his mantra was demonstrated throughout his life. His Christlike presence on earth exuded love. The love that was seen the entire world over. God has allowed his wonderful presence into heaven. There was no other place but heaven for our Holy Father. He was a Pope of our times that exuded joy and love. Our world has lost this wonderful presence of the Pope but his candle left on earth is still glowing and will do so for quite some time. God Bless him.
Beverly, Texas, USA

I am a Sikh who hardly prays at all, but I was moved to pray for this remarkable man, Karol Wojtyla.
Harjoat Singh, Vancouver, Canada

You made the World a better place with your guidance; we honour you, love you and admire your courage and determination for world peace. Me as a young person feel greatly sad by your departure you are a Giant of Human History, may God bless His Holiness, Pope John Paul II.
Andres Bracho, Mexico

Pope John Paul II was close with my Uncle, Bishop Michael Rusnak of Canada, who died two years ago, at the same time as my father, his brother. Therefore I feel a special bond. To me, these men were pillars of peace, strength and faith for all. Standing up for all that is right and good in a world of questionable morals. I pray that we find solace in Pope John Paul's passing, and a promising future in our next leader of the Church. These men have left behind an incredible legacy that should never be forgotten. I grieve again for the loss of my father. Thank you Pope, for your strength and spirit, and the positive influence you've made in my life.
Teresa Rusnak, USA

Pope John Paul II was a beacon of humanitarianism and tolerance. I fervently hope that his example brings out the best in people around the world for years to come. Thank you, and rest in peace.
Pradeep M. Pappachan, Hillsboro, OR, USA

His Holiness John Paul II taught us how to accept other religions without compromising our own. Our greatest tribute to him would be for all of us to follow his example.
Katherine Vandal, USA

May he be at the Lords table tonight. He was a great servant of the Lord. We will miss you greatly.
Patrick, USA

The Pope worked so hard his whole life in caring for the people, now its time for him to lay his head down to rest and let God take care of him. My prayers and thoughts are with him while he rests in peace.
Heather, Canada

We were all blessed with his presence and prayers, he was a holy force among us. Let us grief by letting his love live in our hearts and spread his message "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself". Rest in Gods arms Holy Father.
Caroline K., Canada

I lost my son in an auto accident on 10/20/05. His favourite saying was "keep the faith", he was brought up Catholic and only knew one holy father. I'm happy they're together. JPII
Russell Martell, USA

I'm not even Catholic but for me the Pope is one of the greatest and he will be missed, deep in my heart I have so much of respect for the Pope. I'm sad that he is gone now but in a way I feel happy for the Pope because I did not want to see he suffer from pains and I'm sure Heaven's doors are wide open to welcome him back, please watch over us and rest in peace Mr. Karol Wojtyla
Phong, Canada

The world will truly miss the leadership of this Pope. I had the chance to see the Pope when he was here in Michigan in 1987.May he rest in peace with our Lord.
Larry B, Shelby Twp. Mi. USA

I am Catholic and I believe we missed a leader who worked hard for peace. I hope the next Pope will take the next steps to change the rules of Catholic Church to give equality to women, to understand human sexuality and to help to prevent the deceases like AIDS. The Catholic Church will get closer to the teachings of Jesus Christ when it can see men, women, people from different countries, rich, poor, gays, lesbians and all human beings are equal.
Anto Chittilappilly, India/USA

He shall not desert us completely. His words and steps are printed in our memories and will give peace to our hearts. Farewell, Karol!!! Catholics, Christians in general and people of good shall not forget you!
Víctor G., Chile

Pope John Paul II has become the obligated reference on how to live your life according to your ideals. In a world bereft of true leadership, the head of the Catholic confession stands tall and alone as a great leader of our time. Although not a catholic, I respect the work made by Cardinal Wojtyla and mourn the passing of a good man. May his soul rest in peace after his labour and toil.
Julian Otero, Mexico

A couple days ago, a co-worker of mine came in to work and asked us, "is anyone of you a Catholic?" We all replied in the negative, then she said, "It's not like any of you care, but the Pope's in a coma." The truth is, I did care and I said so. John Paul II, through his entire 27-year pontificate, served as a beacon of hope and a champion of justice for millions. I wish him the best in his new life in the paradise to which he ascended. Holy Father, you have made the Earth a better place and I will miss you.
Chris, USA

He said "do not be afraid" and I was not.
Slawomir Organowski, Canada

He was a good man. We shall miss him.
John Botten,USA

I am a Muslim and I send my condolences to all the Christians. I have a lot of respect for this man. May God bless him. Amen
Jada, USA

"We should ... remember he preached world peace. When the United States invaded Iraq, for example, John Paul II said it was an illegal and immoral act," said Chavez. Stand against the power for justice and peace is admirable. Thou I am not Christian but as human I Admire John Paul II GREATLY. It is sad, that double faced Bush made statement tribute to the Pope, please stop using politics for gains.
Jim Charles, USA

Pope John Paul was one of the holiest men on this earth. He was so wise and loving to all races. He was a very compassionate and caring person. He loved us all! I know he is with our God! What a huge loss to the world. All faiths loved him and respected him. He truly lived my God's law every day of his life!
Susan Gomez, United States

I believe we have lost one of the greatest men of all time. Probably one of the best people that have happened to the Roman Catholic Church in the recent past. I pray that the Good Lord takes him in, and that he gives the next leader of the Church the wisdom that John Paul was blessed with.
Eduardo Andres Holzer-Torres, USA

I was not a man of religion. Had too many bad experiences. But this man, Pope John Paul II, in his dying hours, showed me what being a Christian - a man of God - is all about. Thank you, Karol Wojtyla. Ciao and God Bless you, Holy Father.
Louis D. Gagliardi III, USA

Even in his final suffering, he continued to heal the wounded souls of this World and bring them back to God. His influence will live on for ages to come.
David Paul Boyle, USA

My mom's Catholic, my dad's Protestant, my sister a Pagan, and I'm agnostic, but we all morn the passing of this man of peace.
Maggie, Iowa, USA

To quote Shakespeare: 'This was a Man.' May he rest in peace as he joins the family that he knew in his childhood. They are glad to be together again. I am sure they are having some wonderful conversations just about now. We shall miss John Paul II very much. Adieu.
S. Case, Kansas City, USA(formerly UK)

This is a great loss for humanity. Never ever we'll have a Pope like him. My consolation is that sooner than later we are going to have another Saint on the altars. Angels should be singing in heaven as they receive him and bring him in from of The Lord.
Maria Elena Cruz, USA

God bless this man. I wasn't a religious person until I understood that the greatest leader of our time suffered along side with those who were exterminated
Russell Martell, USA

My heart goes out to all Catholics today. Even though I am Baptist, I feel the Pop e was truly a man of God. He will be greatly, greatly missed.
Roger Gray, USA

I am desolate. What will we do now, without the great moral authority of Pope John Paul II, the only one that the world seemed to have had, who taught us that all life is sacred, and that all people deserve to be treated with dignity?? Rest in peace Your Holiness. You were a light in the world, and you will always live in our hearts.
Alicja, Canada

Mourners gather in St Peter's Square

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