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US voters' views: Rhonda Buie

Rhonda Buie
Name: Rhonda Buie
Age: 24
Lives: Arlington, Virginia
Works: Student
Last election voted: Democrat
In 10 words or less:
"Wife, student, amateur artist, imperfect and independent observer"
Not much has changed since the re-election of President Bush, except for the recent dip in his approval ratings.

The slow response to Hurricane Katrina was his biggest mistake.

I felt this personally as my hometown of Slidell, Louisiana bore the full brunt of it.

I don't put too much weight on Harriet Miers' Supreme Court withdrawal.

Bush overstated her qualifications, and attempted to present her to his own party as the best candidate for the job, based on his personal support for her as a friend.

The backlash from the Republican Party was predictable, as she did not meet the standards generally accepted for Supreme Court Justice, nor did she seem like the type of person to obstinately "carry the banner" for conservatives.

I felt it was best she step down, and that Bush simply chose someone with more experience.

On the Libby indictment, I believe the Bush administration's response, more than the indictment itself, was decisive.

In publicly denouncing the federal crime of revealing the identity of a covert agent as "obscure" and "a technicality" the administration revealed its disregard for anyone who dares shed scrutiny on any of its officials.

Although painful for the public and a blow to Bush, I don't think these two particular events will have a devastating impact on his presidency, due to the lengths his administration goes to to protect his image from being from damaged significantly.


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