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Last Updated: Friday, 25 March, 2005, 16:02 GMT
School killer 'made violent film'
Animation attributed to Jeff Weise
The film shows a gunman shooting people with a rifle
The teenager behind Monday's high school shootings in the US is said to have created a violent animated film months before his rampage.

The 30-second animation attributed to Jeff Weise, 16, portrays a character shooting four people and blowing up a police car, before committing suicide.

Weise shot dead nine, mostly at his Minnesota school, then killed himself.

Thesmokinggun.com website reports that Weise posted the animation to a popular multimedia website last October.

In a brief biography on the website where he posted his animations, Weise is said to have described himself as "nothin' but a Native American teenage-stoner-industrialist".

He said his favourite movies included Dawn of the Dead, Thunderheart, and Elephant - the latter a 2003 film about a Columbine-style school shooting.

Daryl Lussier, 58, Jeff Weise's grandfather
Michelle Sigana, 32, Daryl Lussier's partner
Alicia Spike, 14, student
Thurlene Stillday, 15, student
Chase Lussier, 15, student
Chanelle Rosebear, 15, student
Dwayne Lewis, 15, student
Derrick Brun, 28, security guard
Neva Winnecoup Rogers, 62, teacher

He is said to have used the alias "Regret" and entitled the film Target Practice.

On Monday, Weise shot dead his grandfather and his partner. He then went on to kill a teacher, a security guard, five fellow students and then himself at Red Lake High School.

The school is in the remote town of Red Lake, on a Native American reservation close to the Canadian border. About half of the 10,000 members of the Red Lake Chippewa Tribe - of which Weise was one - live on the reservation.

Seven other people were hurt in the incident.

Two 15-year-olds remain in critical condition in Fargo, North Dakota, with gunshot wounds to the face.

Earlier details about Weise portrayed a disaffected young man who may have expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler on a neo-Nazi website.

Weise, a tall 16-year-old, used to paint his face white in gothic style and wear black, according to fellow students.

Several witnesses have suggested he was teased at school.

According to the local St Paul Pioneer Press newspaper, Weise's relatives say his father committed suicide four years ago and his mother lives in a nursing home in Minneapolis since suffering brain injuries in a car accident.

Local newspaper editor Molly Miron on the shooting

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