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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 October 2005, 14:38 GMT 15:38 UK
FBI 'probes White House security'
Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
Material in a separate case was allegedly passed to Gloria Arroyo's opponents
The FBI is reportedly investigating whether a US ex-Marine breached security at the White House.

Leandro Aragoncillo has already been charged in a separate case with sending secret reports to the Philippines while he was an FBI analyst.

He now faces a probe over a previous spell working at the White House in the office of the US vice-president, say US reports citing government sources.

Mr Aragoncillo, 46, worked for both Al Gore and Dick Cheney.

A naturalised US citizen born in the Philippines, Mr Aragoncillo then transferred to the FBI in New Jersey.

He was arrested on the first set of allegations last month, accused of using his FBI post to download 101 classified documents relating to the Philippines.

'Downloaded documents'

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said "We are co-operating fully with the investigation," while directing all questions to the FBI.

The US justice department alleges in the original case that Mr Aragoncillo passed material to former top police official Michael Ray Aquino, a confidant of Philippines opposition leader Senator Panfilo Lacson.

Mr Lacson is active in opposition attempts to bring down the government of Philippines President Gloria Arroyo's government.

Mrs Arroyo has resisted calls to resign, despite mounting pressure over accusations of rigging last year's presidential poll.

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