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Death plot judge finds two bodies
White supremacist Matt Hale
White supremacist Matt Hale: Awaiting sentence
A US judge who was once the target of a death plot by white supremacists has found two bodies in her home.

Joan Lefkow discovered the bodies, lying in pools of blood, as she returned from work to her Chicago home.

The victims were believed to be Mrs Lefkow's husband and mother, according to reports in the Chicago Tribune.

Last year, white supremacist leader Matthew Hale was convicted of trying to have Mrs Lefkow killed after she ruled against him in a previous case.

Chicago police refused to comment officially on the deaths, and would not speculate whether they were linked to Mrs Lefkow's previous involvement with Hale.

FBI officials were seen alongside local police officers at the scene of the discovery.

Address published

Mrs Lefkow, a US federal district court judge, was afforded police protection in 2003 after Hale, 33, was arrested on suspicion of soliciting her murder.

Hale, who founded a group named World Church of the Creator, became furious with Mrs Lefkow when she ordered him to stop using the name because of a copyright infringement.

On the basis of evidence obtained by Hale's "security chief", an FBI informant, a jury convicted Hale in July 2004 of arranging Mrs Lefkow's murder.

He is currently awaiting sentencing.

Hale was first investigated after a former member of his organisation went on a shooting spree in 1999, targeting blacks and Jews.

Two died and nine were injured. Hale was cleared of involvement.

During the plot to target Mrs Lefkow, her home address was published on a white supremacist website.

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