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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 September 2005, 12:53 GMT 13:53 UK
No sign of missing Antarctica duo
Members of the expedition try to reach the two men who fell into the crevasse (Picture: Chilean Air Force)
The three other members of the team were rescued on Sunday
Argentine army rescuers have failed to find two men who on Saturday fell into a deep crevasse in the Antarctic.

Three commandos abseiled about 120m (394ft) into the crevasse, without finding any traces of the missing Argentines and their snowmobile.

The rescuers, who did not reach the bottom of the crevasse on King George Island, said it was like a labyrinth.

Biologist Augusto Thibaud and naval officer Teofilo Gonzalez are believed to have died on impact, officials said.

The three other members of their team were rescued by helicopter from the edge of the gap in the ice on Collins Glacier on Sunday. They had managed to stop their snowmobiles just in time.

Map of Antarctica, showing King George Island
The elite Antarctic Commando unit arrived on Tuesday with ropes, ice anchors and other gear, to drop into the crevasse.

It was initially thought to be about 30m (98ft) deep. It is now believed it could be more than 200m (656ft) deep.

Bad weather is expected to make a new rescue effort on Thursday impossible.

Argentine media reports said a new strategy was being drawn up - including the use of stronger lighting equipment and a sort of crane to lower rescuers into the crevasse.

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