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Last Updated: Friday, 16 September 2005, 23:47 GMT 00:47 UK
Schwarzenegger seeks re-election
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Schwarzenegger: "I'm a follow-through guy"
Former Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed he will run for a second term as governor of the US state of California.

He told a rally in San Diego that he would "finish the job" he started and seek re-election next year as as the Republican candidate.

He unseated the previous governor in a rare recall election two years ago.

But his popularity has declined sharply after clashes with trade unions over controversial reform plans.

His plans to modify the state budget and make it easier to dismiss poorly performing teachers have alienated nurses, police and fire fighters.

Trade unions have responded by spending considerable sums on television commercials seeking to discredit the governor.

A survey last week found only 36% of Californians rated the governor's performance as "positive".

But Mr Schwarzenegger told a small crowd of supporters: "I'm a follow-through guy.

"Yes, I will run again for governor next year."

He urged voters to allow him to "reform the system".

"As I said when you elected me two years ago, there is a massive weight we must lift in our state and alone, I can not lift it," the former bodybuilder said.

The election is due to take place in November 2006.

The BBC's David Willis in Los Angeles says the campaign could prove considerably more bruising than the last one.

Among those mentioned as possible Democratic nominees are fellow Hollywood luminaries, actor Warren Beatty and the director Rob Reiner.

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