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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 September 2005, 03:24 GMT 04:24 UK
Baby of brain-dead US mother dies
Susan Torres, mother of Baby Susan
The baby's mother's had suffered a stroke in May
A baby girl delivered from a brain-dead woman in the United States five weeks ago has died after emergency surgery in Washington DC, her family announced.

Susan Anne Catherine Torres was delivered by Caesarean section after her mother, Susan Torres, was kept alive for three months on life support.

Born about 13 weeks premature, the baby suffered from health problems which grew rapidly worse at the weekend.

An uncle said the loss of both baby and mother was "devastating".

"After the efforts of this summer to bring her into the world, this is obviously a devastating loss for the... families," said Justin Torres.

"It was our fondest wish that we could have been able to share Susan's homecoming with the world."

Second child

Mrs Torres had suffered a stroke on 7 May after an undiagnosed cancer spread to her brain.

Declaring her brain-dead, doctors in Virginia offered to keep her alive for the sake of the unborn baby who was delivered on 2 August weighing less than one kilo (two pounds).

The mother's life-support machine was turned off the following day.

Though she initially appeared feisty and vigorous, Baby Susan suffered from a stomach disorder and an infection which overwhelmed her body, doctors said.

She died after surgeons tried to repair a perforated intestine.

She was the second child of Mrs Torres and her husband Jason after the birth of a son, Peter, now two-years-old.

An international appeal for donations to help meet the family's medical bills had raised more than $600,000 as of early last month, the Associated Press news agency reports.

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