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Last Updated: Friday, 21 January, 2005, 14:17 GMT
'Tyranny' states strike back
Designate US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Rice's tough stance has the media up in arms

Media in the states dubbed "outposts of tyranny" by Condoleezza Rice, President Bush's nominee as secretary of state, have hit back in no uncertain terms.

A Cuban commentary says the declaration is reminiscent of President Bush's "Axis of evil", while state radio in Belarus accuses her of prejudice.

In Zimbabwe and Iran, papers view her comments as part of a broader campaign against them. Burma and North Korea have been slow to react, a fact media analysts say is not unusual, as both states often take days to formulate a response.

Among the outposts of tyranny she [Condoleezza Rice] of course includes Cuba. She includes Belarus... She includes Iran, Burma, North Korea, and Zimbabwe, the so called 'outposts of tyranny,' a term reminiscent of President Bush's famous 'Axis of evil,' which included Iran, North Korea, and Iraq. We can see what this administration's policy will be: a policy based on aggression and US hegemony.

Commentary by Eduardo Dimas on Cuban Radio Rebelde

The foreign ministry said that the mention of Belarus shows Condoleezza Rice's understanding of the situation in Belarus is far from reality. False stereotypes and prejudices are a poor basis for the formation of effective policy in the area of interstate relations.

Belarusian Radio

The three-day state visit by the president of Iran, Mr Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, is providential as it comes at a time when Western nations, led by Britain and the United States, have openly declared their hostility to the aspirations of our two nations, and the entire developing world... It is, thus, imperative that the countries of the east and the south gang together, just as the north and west do, for it is from mutual co-operation that we can present a formidable front against the common enemy.

Zimbabwe's Herald Government daily

It is obvious that the US does not want democracy to rule the world since it has already toppled many democratic systems... It can be concluded that White House officials are incensed by Iran's independent stance and that is why they make baseless accusations against Iran every now and then.

Iran's Tehran Times

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