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Last Updated: Friday, 7 January, 2005, 15:52 GMT
Men convicted of Mexico killings
File photograph of an investigator covering the body of a victim found in the desert near Ciudad Juarez
Many of the dead women were young and poor
Ten alleged gang members have been given lengthy jail sentences for their involvement in the murders of 12 women in a city in northern Mexico.

Each of the men, thought to be members of the Toltecs and Rebels gangs, were jailed for at least 40 years.

More than 300 women have been murdered in Ciudad Juarez, on the US-Mexico border, since 1993.

Human rights groups say they are concerned that the number of women killed could be much higher.

Many of the cases remain unresolved.


Four bus drivers, all thought to be loyal to a criminal gang known as the Toltecs (Los Toltecas), were sentenced to between 40 and 113 years in prison.

They were found guilty of raping and murdering of six women.

Officials in the attorney general's office in the state capital, Chihuahua, said six alleged members of another gang known as the Rebels (Los Rebeldes) were jailed for between 24 and 40 years for murdering six other women.

All the men were already in police custody.

A 25-year-old woman was found dead in a rubbish bin in Ciudad Juarez on Monday, the AFP news agency reported.

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