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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 August, 2005, 18:43 GMT 19:43 UK
US police seize jailbreak couple
US convict George Hyatte
George Hyatte is described as extremely violent
US police have arrested a convict and his wife a day after she helped him to escape from a courthouse in Tennessee.

Police say George and Jennifer Hyatte were detained on Wednesday in a motel room in Columbus, Ohio - almost 630km (390 miles) from Kingston, Tennessee.

The pair had fled Kingston after Mrs Hyatte opened fire on her husband's guards, killing one of them.

Police said the two would be brought to Tennessee to face murder charges. Mrs Hyatte was found wounded, they added.

"We have found weapons (at the motel). We don't know if it's the murder weapon, but we're processing those," said Mark Gwyn, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Police had warned the public that the pair were extremely dangerous.

Hyatte was in court to be tried on a robbery charge. He had served two years of a 35-year sentence for robbery and assault.

'Bonnie and Clyde'

The authorities had already tracked the Hyattes to the Cincinnati area when they got a tip about the motel.

Jennifer Hyatte
Jennifer Hyatte is a former prison nurse
Authorities phoned the couple's room and told them they were surrounded. The pair came out and surrendered.

They had planned Tuesday's escape carefully, police say.

The incident took place as officers were loading Hyatte and other inmates into a prison van outside the Roane County Courthouse.

Police say Mrs Hyatte drove up and opened fire with a handgun.

Wayne Morgan, a guard, was hit and died later in hospital. Another officer returned fire, wounding Mrs Hyatte in the leg.

But her handcuffed, shackled husband managed to get into the car - and they drove away.

Their getaway vehicle had been found abandoned with blood on the driver's side.

"It was just a 'Bonnie and Clyde'-style shootout," Mr Gwyn told ABC's Good Morning America.

Hyatte had been described as extremely violent. The local police chief said he shouted "shoot 'em" as his wife pulled up.

Mrs Hyatte was sacked from her job as a prison nurse when she began her relationship with the convict.

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