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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 August, 2005, 04:16 GMT 05:16 UK
Wife kills guard in US jailbreak
US convict George Hyatte
Hyatte was serving a 35-year jail sentence
A US inmate has escaped after his wife shot dead a guard who was escorting the prisoner outside a courthouse in the state of Tennessee, authorities say.

Police say George and Jennifer Hyatte fled the scene in Kingston in a vehicle which was later found abandoned.

A hunt is under way for the former prison nurse and the escapee, who is described as "extremely violent".

Hyatte was in court to be tried on a robbery charge. He is already serving 35 years for robbery and assault.

'Shoot him'

The incident took place as officers were loading Hyatte and other inmates into a prison van outside the Roane County Courthouse, a local police chief said.

A woman drove up in a Ford Explorer, Jim Washam said.

"Mr Hyatte hollered 'Shoot him!' She opened up fire on the officers, hitting one in the abdomen," he said.

Wayne Morgan died later in hospital.

A second officer returned fire, and the Ford Explorer was later found abandoned with blood on the driver's side.

Officers believe that the wife may have been wounded during the attack.

Authorities believe the pair then switched to a van.

Hyatte "is extremely violent, and he has no care or concern on what he does to anyone," said sheriff department spokesman Jeff Knight.

Jennifer Hyatte was a prison nurse who was sacked from her job in Tiptonville because of her relationship with Hyatte, a department spokeswoman said.

Police hunt husband and wife after jailbreak


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