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In quotes: Pinochet ruling
Opponents are delighted that former Chilean leader Augusto Pinochet may soon be tried for alleged human rights abuses, but Judge Juan Guzman's ruling that he is fit to stand trial has angered his supporters.

This is an abuse of the most basic human rights of someone who has no chance of defending themselves in a trial.

The whole of Chile knows that this is a campaign of constant persecution of Mr Pinochet by Judge Guzman.

Pinochet lawyer, Pablo Rodriguez

We hope that this time there is no trickery and that he will be allowed to be condemned over this case.

Viviana Diaz, president of the Association of Relatives of Disappeared Persons

I am extremely pleased, because I think that in the nick of time justice can be seen to be done. That is going to be extremely important to the people who have been tortured, but particularly to the families of the disappeared.

Sheila Cassidy, British doctor detained and tortured in Chile in 1975

For me this has been revenge, and I think in life you cannot take revenge on an old couple; you can't because it is damage that you do to old people who in part have already paid.

Damage has been done, they have paid with this arrest in London, and they have suffered greatly, that is all of the family have suffered greatly.

Gen Pinochet's daughter Lucia Pinochet Hiriart

My first reaction was a celebration. The hope is that justice will be served, and that the man who ordered my friend's and so many others' disappearance, torture or kidnapping, will be able to stand trial.

Chilean writer and human rights activist Professor Ariel Dorfman

Operation Condor is one that makes him particularly vulnerable... It's impossible [to argue] that you could create a six-country alliance with security forces and operate on three continents without the authorisation of the top man.

John Dinges, author of The Condor Years: How Pinochet and his Allies brought Terrorism to Three Continents

I am quite horrified, because that means that General Pinochet has no human rights at all.

This is just the vengeance of the international leftist group. I know him. I am a family friend, and he is just a very nice gentleman, not a monster.

He is not able to have a conversation. He just says a few words. He is very deaf. He does not hear very well. You have to speak slowly and very high so that he can hear you.

He is not able to stand a conversation just a few words so he is not able to stand trial.

Pinochet friend, Carmen de Martinez

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