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Last Updated: Sunday, 5 December, 2004, 01:58 GMT
eBay offer is out of this world
Ghostly image
The seller insists the auction is not a joke
A woman in the US is offering the ghost of her father for sale on the internet auction website eBay.

The woman said she was prompted to act after her six-year-old son said he had been worried that the man's spirit was haunting their house.

The winner will get the grandfather's walking stick, with one condition: to write the boy a letter confirming receipt of the stick - and the ghost.

So far, the ghost has received more than 30 bids, with a top offer of $78.

"I always thought it was just normal kid fears until a few months ago he told me why he was so scared," Mary Anderson wrote on the website, the Associated Press reported.

"He told me 'Grandpa died here, and he was mean. His ghost is still around here!'," she added.

In case that description might scare off potential bidders, she added: "My dad was the sweetest, most caring man you'd ever meet."

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