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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 November, 2004, 22:17 GMT
Presidential pooch to join Bushes
Barney in the White House residence on election night
The new pet will be company for Barney (pictured)
The White House may not have changed hands in the US election, but it will soon have a new resident.

President George W Bush has marked First Lady Laura Bush's 58th birthday on Thursday by giving her a new puppy.

The Scottish terrier puppy, named Miss Beazley, was born on 28 October and will arrive at the White House before the Christmas holiday.

A White House spokesman said the puppy was named after a dinosaur in a popular children's book, The Enormous Egg.

Miss Beazley will be company for the Bush family's dog Barney, another Scottish terrier.

Earlier this year, the family mourned the death of Spot, an English springer spaniel who was regularly seen wandering around the West Wing with Barney.

The Bush family's other pet is a cat called India, also known as Willie.

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