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Bush victory: Global reaction
We have received thousands of emails in reaction to President Bush's re-election from around the world.

Below are a selection of them by region. They include comments sent into the BBC language sites.

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This entire nation has been betrayed by its own citizens, citizens who voted out of fear and faith. George Bush's re-election can only lead to one thing and that is giant leaps backward.
Joseph Wesley, White Pigeon, Michigan, USA

Well the right man won, that's for certain. Mr Kerry was a worthy opponent and the country is evenly divided. But only one of the two men is committed to the vision that the only long term answer to the powder keg of the Middle East is to clear the scene of tyrants and allow the people there to grow decent, lawful, representative governments. For his courageous stand on "other" people's freedoms, not just that of Americans, President Bush is among our greatest presidents.
Joseph Stern, New York, New York, USA

As a senior in high school, I am too young to vote but this election has really meant something to me. I am disappointed in America. We have gone through hell with this tyranny from the Bush Administration. It frustrates me that no one, especially the youth, takes the time to educate themselves. I am very proud to be a supporter of John Kerry, and am so proud of him for running in a time like this.
Madison, Missoula, Montana, USA

I voted for President Bush because he and his administration are a far better alternative than what the Democrats have to offer. President Bush should and will do what he said he will do in the campaign: fight the global war on terror, reform the social security system, keep government out of the healthcare system, work to balance the budget and keep taxes low.
Fred, Cincinnati, OH, USA


Half of the American voters elected a man who represents the military and oil industry. They are obviously prepared to live under the mandate of an invisible enemy. Unfortunately not only the American people will have to live with that but all of us throughout the rest of the world.
J Octavio Elizondo, Mexico City, Mexico

I knew from the beginning that Bush would win. He must carry on with the war on terror. Kerry didn't have what it takes to win that war.
Giselle, Guayaquil, Ecuador

What is evident from the results of the election is that half of the American population are easily manipulated. Their intellectual poverty favoured Bush.
Paloma Morfín, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

I believe that in this important election it was crucial that Bush was re-elected so he could continue his policies. A sudden change could have affected many countries. A change isn't good for strategic decisions. I hope Bush will continue with his foreign policy.
Rodrigo Salgado Paris, Chile

With his victory Bush will be able to continue his preventive war. We only have to wait and see what happens with Iran and Korea. Perhaps he will intensify his offensive towards Iran. Perhaps he will try to get a free trade agreement with Central America. I am sure he will not back the Kyoto agreement. Perhaps he will be more conciliatory with his allies to avoid isolation.
Rolando E Herrera, San Salvador, El Salvador

Bush's re-election is a disgrace for the world and for all American people.
M Michelena, Havana, Cuba

Many Canadians are dismayed to see Bush stay for a second term in the White House. George Bush doesn't know how to deal with the rest of the world and thinks the stick and the carrot policy is the most appropriate, especially with Arabs. His policies have turned many people against America.
Wael, Toronto, Canada

Bush should stop going it alone and look to work together with the rest of the world, although for us nothing will change as we are learning to walk on our own.
Adilson Mendes, Itauna, Brazil

Bush is a good president and he will improve his country's situation. I expect him to improve relations with Latin America.
Paulo Sérgio de Abreu, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Unfortunately I think that he will remain faithful to his authoritarian politics, punishing all who are against the US, as that is exactly what has guaranteed his re-election.
Israel, Niteroi, Brazil


While I and many of my friends would certainly have preferred Senator Kerry as president, maybe it's only for the best that George Bush Jr has won. Now he can fix the mess he made in his first term.
Alex V, Leuven, Belgium

I thought Kerry would win, but deep in my heart I hoped that victory would go to Bush. For Russia and for Israel, Bush's victory is good news.
Iris, Moscow, Russia

Most of those who voted for Kerry voted against Bush, not for Kerry. You cannot become a president on a protest vote alone. Kerry should have widened his platform and offered a clear vision for his country. I think the Democrats believed victory was theirs too early - especially after the TV debates - and that is why they lost. You have to be closer to the people, guys!
Sergei M, St Petersburg, Russia

With the enormous power the US holds in the world today it is no surprise that other countries were so interested in its election outcome. It is a shame that it's been the less aware voters who have held sway on the day. Growing unemployment, a massive deficit, and increasing instability in Iraq were the grounds for re-election - could the record have been any worse? I just hope that Bush takes this next spell in office to reunite America, and its relations with the other countries of the world.
Steve Dow, Sheffield, England

It is indeed unfortunate that George Bush has been re-elected at such a crucial juncture in the history of the world.
Ramesh Koranga, Germany

Bush being re-elected is indicative of the fact that terrorism is on its way out. Bush makes a good president for America and its citizens because whatever he did, he did for the good of his country. He was correct in attacking Iraq. He was also correct in taking military action in Afghanistan. The people of America want all those responsible for 9/11 to be punished or killed. Bush seems to be on the right track as far as they are concerned. He seems to be delivering what the people of America want from their president.
Arsh, Netherlands

Well I'm in the minority I guess but I'm so happy. These difficult times require clear leadership, dedication and strength. Kerry didn't have any of those qualities. Bush is the only one who could lead America.
Fiona, Paris, France

Yes I am European and wanted Kerry to win. But it doesn't affect me as much as those who voted for Bush. Good luck with the record deficit, the growing unemployment, and continuing lack of friends, and of course, the more hostile terrorists that Bush has unleashed. Kerry would have been better for you, and you guys are going to kick yourselves. Anyone, including Kerry could have instigated security for your country. Bush has only taken away your civil liberties and created a big brother dictatorship.
Charlize Hoff, Frankfurt, Germany


I was very disappointed when I heard about George Bush's victory because he is mainly a war leader. He waged two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and will not hesitate to wage new wars during his second term. I wished to see a change in the US administration, as the best thing about Kerry was that he was not Bush!
Nael, Ramallah, West Bank

The victory of the much admired George Bush proves that the American people always choose the right person for the right place in order to achieve a better future.
Ali Jawad, Baghdad, Iraq

The bad news is Bush has been re-elected. The good news is that he can't run for a third term!
Mohammed Salah, Egypt

After Bush's victory, I think the US forces will withdraw. But not before they have passed through Iran or Syria!
Ali Mohammed Jum'aa, Kirkuk, Iraq

After his re-election, George W Bush should keep his promises about Iraq and restore security by rebuilding the Iraqi armed forces and eradicating terrorism. Secondly, he should commit himself to carrying out reconstruction projects.
Ali Al Kazimi, Baghdad, Iraq

I think that a second term for Bush will free him from complying with Israel's requirements. Despite this, he remains the best option compared to Kerry. Arabs stand a better chance than they would have with his opponent.
Tariq Hammouda, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Bush has lead his country to demise since his first day in power. Relationships with most foreign countries have worsened, economic deficit is growing with the escalation of the war. The war in Iraq has caused a negative political backlash, and dispelled the myth of US supremacy over the rest of the world.
Ziad Al Shujairi, Al Ramadi, Iraq

I personally would have chosen George Bush, because there is no way but to stand against regimes such as the Taleban and Saddam. The world cannot afford to negotiate with them.
Seyed Yashar Qezavati, Tehran, Iran

I was happy to hear that George Bush was elected again. The policies of the US are important for all countries no matter who becomes president. Mr Bush will follow his plans with more determination now and will continue what he has started. I think it is very likely that Iran will be liberated towards the end of his second term, because I am sure this is one of his plans.
Saeed, Tehran, Iran


I hope he brings peace and reconciles with all his enemies. I also hope that he stops creating wars.
Jeronimo Zandamela, Maputo, Mozambique

In my opinion, Bush is welcome back to the White House. Let us hope that he will stop the aggressions against other countries without being sure that they belong to the axis of evil, like he did in Iraq. I also hope that he will pay more attention to third world countries in relation to the fight against diseases such as Aids which is spreading in sub-Saharan Africa. He has spent billions of dollars paying for wars while there are millions of people dying of hunger in Asia and Africa. Let us hope that with this mandate he gives more support to these people.
Samuel, Nampula, Mozambique

The US election was a fantastic event to follow. My heart was not at ease due to the enormous pressure exerted on the future of the president by his Democratic challenger John Kerry. I am a strong supporter of Bush. I therefore send special congratulations to George Bush - please remain focussed on making the world a better place.
Lolika Wani Jake, Khartoum, Sudan

Bush has won, but the world and its environment has lost. Expect more unilateral actions by Bush motivated by no more than self interest. As non-US citizens, the best we can do is boycott American products and try to marginalise them wherever possible.
Matt, Johannesburg, South Africa

I would like to congratulate Mr Bush for his election into a second term in office. I want him to maintain his policies on the fight against terrorism but at the same time be mindful of the innocent souls that are perishing in Iraq and other places. I would also like to ask him to improve upon his foreign policies especially for the developing world, including Ghana.
Francis Asante-Duku, Ghana

I am very proud of Senator Kerry for his position and what he stood for prior to the election. Even in defeat, he is to me the better candidate. For President Bush, I have a word of advice: he should not take this electoral victory as an acceptance of his warmongering by Americans but rather as a call for repentance and atonement for his sins. The world can be safer if Bush applies a lot of Kerry's ideas and forms an acceptable alliance to end the carnage going on in Iraq, and which is now spilling into Afghanistan. It's his mess so he has got to clean it up.
Joseph Omorodion, Lagos, Nigeria

This victory was expected as only strong minded fighters can lead America and the world in the face of terrorism. Bush had this as an edge over his Democrat contender, Senator John Kerry. My advice to the second term Bush-led administration is to unite Americans, and make them believe in him.
Zephaniah Ishie, Ebedei, Nigeria


The fact that Bush has been re-elected is neither good for the world nor for America. He will revert to his former behaviour - doing as he pleases. Now the citizens of America and the rest of the world will live in fear. In the past Bush ignored the directives of the United Nations. Now he will do the same thing to the European Union.
Gaurav Kumar, Bihar, India

It doesn't really matter who is elected president of America. Their policies are going to remain the same. No changes will be made in their policies irrespective of who wins. So in a way whatever happened, happened for the good.
Amaanullah Khan, Uttar Pradesh, India

Bush's re-election is not in the general interest of America. His foreign policy is not liked. America will face many more problems over the coming four years. The country seems to be headed in the wrong direction with their economic and foreign policies as well as in the war against terror. The wrong person has been chosen at the wrong time. God help America.
Sanjay, Rajasthan, India

The result is good for Pakistan and our President Musharraf. Now the US war on terror will continue in full gear and President Bush will pursue his objectives with new zeal and zest.
Asma Khawaja, Islamabad, Pakistan

I think Bush deserves this victory because he fought a war for the USA. I don't know why Muslims grieve at his victory because there is no difference between Bush and Kerry. And US polices towards the Muslim world will never change.
Yasir, Mirpur, Pakistan

It's sheer bad luck that Bush has won. Once again he is going to start a new wave of attacks in the war on terror. Not only have the bad days for north west Pakistan been extended, but Bush is going mess with Iran as he has done with Iraq and Afghanistan.
Tanveer Kazmi, Wah, Pakistan

Let's hope that Bush learns from his mistakes and his next term is different. The most ironic thing about the US election is that Kerry won opinion polls across the world, but could not win the popular vote in America.
A H Quraishi, Islamabad, Pakistan

The people of the USA have proved that despite the atrocities in Abu Ghraib jail and the murder of thousands of people in Iraq, they will keep supporting injustice. This election result is a nightmare for the whole world.
Hilal Bari, Lahore, Pakistan


Freedom lovers should rejoice for the victory of their guide. I congratulate Americans - and Iraqis - for the re-election of this courageous leader. We were as happy as his supporters for this victory. All Iraqis were Republicans on election day. We are confident he will finish the job and wipe out terrorists from the region during the next four years.
Ahmed, Iraqi in Australia

What does the likely outcome of this election mean to me over here in Australia? It means that the majority of US citizens prefer war to the possibility of peace, unilateralism to the possibility of a worldwide effort in the face of terrorism, more reliance on oil and the Middle Eastern problems that come with it, to the possibility of more sustainable and viable energy sources. These amongst other issues were clear differences between the two candidates. Unfortunately I fear that they will get what they ask for and take us down with them.
David Allen, Brisbane, Australia

This is truly a good result for everyone concerned.
Purna Lalchan, Tokyo, Japan

I see George Bush as an antagonistic president. Most New Zealanders wanted Kerry to win.
Joanne Bond, Dunedin, New Zealand

I am shocked how America couldn't select such a genuine and passionate leader as Senator Kerry. God bless our world. How would the founding fathers of America feel about their land becoming such a Christian fundamentalist country?
Tim Karman, Singapore

It looks really depressing. Four more gloomy years for the US as well as the rest of the world.
Sameen, Singapore

Bush's victory has made the world quite clear. It is all of us now, Europe, Africa, and Asia, against them.
Irgi, Jakarta, Indonesia



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