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Last Updated: Friday, 29 October, 2004, 13:58 GMT 14:58 UK
Voters' views: Jorge Caspary
In the run up to the American presidential election we have been asking a panel of voters to share their views on the key issues. Here they give their final opinion before election day.

Jim Hill:
Sudbury, Mass.

Linda Alston:
Madison, Wisconsin

Jorge Caspary:
Tallahassee, Florida

Nancy Pew:
Seattle, Washington

Neil Sherman:
Germantown, Tenn.

Gary Webb
Gary Webb:
Sacramento, C'fornia

Jorge Caspary

Name: Jorge Caspary
Age: 41
Lives: Tallahassee, Florida
Works: Civil engineer
Current voting intention: Republican
In 10 words or less:
"Bolivian immigrant, geologist, father-of-three, moderate Republican"
I am socially conservative so President Bush is naturally my candidate.

Most Americans in the South are conservatives and that is why I believe he will win the election.

Bush will win the South, including Florida and key battleground states.

I appreciate his stand when it comes to issues such as abortion, marriage, taxes, and the judiciary.

Do I expect Bush to tell the truth? Not always.

If he knows Osama Bin Laden is dead, I expect him to disguise the truth to deny the enemy information that could strengthen them.

President Bush has a better chance of winning because his views of the enemy are not as narrow as Senator Kerry's whose positions throughout his political life have been ambiguous.

At home, I believe that Bush will work within the framework of a capitalist system to address pressing social issues.

Our panel - Where they live

The idea that the US will get a prescription and national health care system paid for and run by government is naive.

This time around, Florida has implemented early voting and the process is being followed closely by the press, both parties, and the public.

As a result local authorities are very careful in making sure every vote is counted.

Is the process perfect? No. I would argue nothing is.

So far, indications in my small city, and state-wide, are that voting will surpass previous turnouts and that the mistakes of four years ago have been overcome.

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