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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 July, 2004, 23:18 GMT 00:18 UK
Miami tops 'foreign-born' cities
Miami has a big Cuban contingent
Miami has the largest foreign-born population of any city in the world, a United Nations report says.

Some 59% of people in the city were not born in the US, the UN Development Programme report said.

The city is home to many Cubans, as well as migrants from the Caribbean and South America.

The report said Canada's Toronto had the second-highest proportion of foreign-born citizens (44%), while Los Angeles was a close third with 41%.

Soaring numbers

Another two North American cities - Canada's Vancouver (37%) and New York (36%) - made it into the top five, the report said.

Read some of the key points and see graphs from the UN's Human Development Report 2004

Outside North America, the town-state of Singapore scored highest (33%), followed by Australia's Sydney (31%), Abidjan (30%) in Ivory Coast, London (28%) and Paris (23%).

The report said that due to globalisation, numbers of migrants had soared in the last decade, particularly in high-income countries in Europe and North America, and in Australia.

It said some people felt their identity was being threatened by so many foreigners, and it urged the promotion of cultural diversity as the key to development and stability.


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