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Weekly world news quiz

At the end of another week, just how much do you remember about the headlines from the past seven days?

Test your knowledge of world news events in our quiz.

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Question 1
French and Italian scientists have chosen a hard-to-reach location for a detector seeking to find elusive particles from the Sun's core. Where?
A: Beneath the Alps
B: In the rings around Saturn
C: On the Mediterranean sea bed
Question 2
Who pleaded for the lives of two Great White sharks that killed an Australian surfer at the weekend?
A: Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of the famed oceanographer
B: Australian opposition leader Mark Latham
C: Stephen Smith, whose brother was the victim
Question 3
Who fought a duel over an ancient family feud this week?
A: The heads of competing clans of Nigeria's Ibo tribe
B: The descendants of a 19th-Century US vice-president and treasury secretary
C: The heirs of Russian poet Pushkin and French officer D'Anthes
Question 4
The United States apologised to former Indian defence minister George Fernandes this week. Why?
A: President Bush referred to him as "Fernando Georges"
B: Airport officials body-searched him although ministers are supposed to be exempt from such security measures
C: Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said India's refusal to send troops to Iraq was "lily-livered"
Question 5
Chinese author Qian Fuchang is "publishing" his book Outside the Fortress Besieged in a novel way. What is it?
A: By mobile phone text message
B: As graffiti on the Great Wall of China
C: In open letters to the Xinhua news agency
Question 6
The Democratic Party in the US announced that a guest speaker who might be expected to be backing the Republicans would appear at its convention later this month. Who is it?
A: John McCain, the maverick Republican senator who has criticised President Bush
B: Magnum PI actor Tom Selleck, who has previously endorsed Republican candidates including George Bush Snr
C: Ron Reagan, the son of the late Republican president
Question 7
Philip Rabinowitz took just over 30 seconds to run 100m in Cape Town this week. Why was this not particularly fast time so notable?
A: He is 100-years-old
B: He is recovering from an operation to re-attach a severed leg
C: He was dragging one marble for every South African who has died of Aids

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