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John Edwards: In his own words
John Edwards
Edwards promises a "different politics"
The Democratic candidate for US vice-president, John Edwards, is regarded by many of his supporters as an accomplished orator.

Correspondents say his popularity is partly down to optimistic and ideological speeches where he promises "a different kind of politics" and to be "a champion for regular people".

Here is a selection of his quotes:

On President George W Bush:

"Working people have been shut out by this president because he values only one thing: wealth."

"They have led us from the edge of greatness when Bill Clinton left office to the edge of a cliff."

"George Bush has a health care plan - pray you don't get sick."

"The president of the United States has to actually be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, has to be able to do two things at the same time."

On the war in Iraq:

"For the most part, it's America doing it alone, which I believe is an enormous mistake."

On himself:

"I hope you agree with me this is still a country where the son of a mill worker can go toe to toe against the son of a president of the United States."

"I think most people in this country actually think not having spent your whole life in politics is a good thing."

"I think the key is to see things through the eyes of regular Americans. That's a perspective that people are hungry for."

On personal tragedy, the death of his teenage son in a car crash:

"Nothing in my life has ever hit me and stripped everything away like my son's death. As much as anyone is, Wade is who I am."

On the Patriot Act:

"The very notion that this administration can arrest American citizens on American soil, label them an enemy combatant, put them in prison, keep them there indefinitely - this runs contrary to everything we believe in this country."

On capital punishment:

"I believe the death penalty is the most fitting punishment for the most heinous crimes, and I support it. But we need reforms in the death penalty..."

On education:

"I think we've got two public school systems in this country. We've got one for the most affluent communities and one for everybody else. It's wrong."

On health care:

"The issue becomes whether you believe health care is an isolated problem. For those in poverty and the struggling middle class, if one thing goes wrong - if they have a health care problem - they go right off the cliff."

On his ambitions to be a lawyer, aged 11:

"[To] protect innocent people from blind justice the best I can."

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