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Voters' views: Nancy O' Leary Pew
In the run up to the American presidential elections we will be asking a panel of voters - selected from as wide a cross-section of people as possible across the US - to share their views on the key issues.

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Nancy O'Leary Pew

Nancy O'Leary Pew
Name: Nancy O'Leary Pew
Age: 48
Lives: Seattle, Washington
Works: Librarian
In 10 words or less: "Concerned American wife, mother, grandmother, librarian, friend, neighbour, activist"

The United States should not have gone to war in Iraq.

We are there because our unelected president used the fear engendered by the 9/11 attacks and his administration's bogus claim that Iraq had WMD to convince our Senators and Representatives to give him the power to go to war.

It is clear that the war was launched without much planning beyond the initial attack, and with little understanding of the internal politics of the Arab world.

Nothing has gone as promised and the administration's honesty has not improved as the war has progressed.

The handover of power is a purely symbolic event.

I think it was planned to make it look like there was progress toward Iraqi self-rule before the US elections.

If the transfer goes well, Americans might overlook the past and think Bush was right. I hope they don't, no matter what happens in the future.

I hope my fellow Americans will look at the whole picture: the hasty and dishonest rush to war, the cost in lives and money, the realities of the economy, the decline in social programs and the erosion of our rights.

There is nothing that will convince me to vote for George W Bush in November.

I am a Howard Dean Democrat supporting John Kerry this year.

Your comments:

From BBCArabic.com: Even if Nancy didn't care about the suffering of others due to the policies of her government, and she focused on the interests of her her country (and this is her right), she made it clear that the American administration cares only about the interest of its individuals and their earnings from looting other people and dominating the whole world. Thank you madam for saying "our unelected president" as this shows that your democracy is not completely different to our democracy.
Ikram Youssef, Cairo, Egypt  

Nancy has courage to tell it like it is. My tax money went to pay for a war that has killed 850 of our service personnel, maimed over 5,000, and killed over 10,000 Iraqi civilians. I don't want my money doing that.
Jonathon Kirk, Providence, USA

Although I still have not made my mind up about whether the last election was 'stolen' or not, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence, especially with the electronic voting system.
Tae Kim, Seoul, Korea

Nancy, your last sentence announcing who you will vote for was no surprise. Your belief that Bush was "unelected" indicates a fundamental ignorance of (or defiance against) how our government was designed and works. He was elected, fair and square, and the ultimate Senate vote and Supreme Court process was foreseen by our forefathers which to me is proof of how incredibly brilliant and far-thinking those people were.
Jeremy, Atlanta, USA

First let's address the "unelected president" comment. As any American who knows how his government works can tell you, ultimately the electoral college, not the populace decide the president. People like Mrs O'Leary Pew don't seem to realise this because the College normally votes with the people. But they were implemented by our forefathers because of their inherent mistrust of the people. In this case they were right.
Paul Christopher, Temple Hills, MD, USA

Totally correct Nancy. The Bush Administration is removing the guy who they helped to put in power and replacing him with a regime that is favourable to them.
William, Glasgow, UK

Although I did not vote for Bush, I find it very unfair for people to say that Bush "stole" the election, or something to that effect. Yes, there were disagreements about the results of the election amongst the parties, but the disagreements were eventually sorted out by the Supreme Court. We may not like how the Supreme Court decided the case but whatever the Court says is the law of the land (with the exception of a constitutional amendment). So people, stop being a sore loser and accept the fact that Bush is our legitimate president, at least for now. Although I will probably vote for Kerry come November, I wish our national debates were more substantive and rational. All this mindless name-calling and party-line politics is doing a great injustice to our country and the world.
Anon, USA



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