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Last Updated: Friday, 11 June, 2004, 17:52 GMT 18:52 UK
World press weighs G8 divisions
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Newspapers around the world assess the agreements reached on Iraq and the Middle East at the G8 summit in the US state of Georgia.

Many highlight the divisions the summit has revealed, as well as the better-than-expected consensus.

There has been some serious gnashing of teeth, a few broken plates - but in the end George W Bush can congratulate himself...

Although transatlantic divergence is still deep, the eight most industrialised countries show consensus over most of the big international issues. The only major contentious point revolved around the US desire to involve Nato in Iraq.

France's Liberation

At the G8 summit on Sea Island, the American president succeeded in fundamentally improving his image - but without managing to prevail in any of the agenda points which he considered important.

Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung

The summit of Sea Island showed that between France and the US, divisions go far beyond Iraq and the future of the Middle East. The French idea of a multipolar world is rejected by the USA.

France's Le Figaro

This G8 summit still cannot solve Bush's difficult problems in Iraq... The rift between the US and Europe over Middle East policies may not only be unbridgeable but could even become deeper.

Beijing's China Daily commentary

While there was general satisfaction over the vote for a new UN Security Council resolution, that was as far as unanimity went... President Bush's proposal to write off all Iraq's debts did not meet with approval.

Poland's Trybuna

The Europeans have notably succeeded in having a long paragraph on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict added to the adopted declaration, something that the USA had not envisaged in the first place.

France's Le Monde

This new Middle East initiative will require wise and cautious political involvement by the West... Any dissemination of ideas without an appropriate economic complement is destined to fail.

Israel's Haaretz

One of the positive aspects of the G8 declaration was that leaders finally realized how serious the Arab-Israeli conflict is.

Saudi Arabia's Al-Watan

In the Arab world people are fully aware that the US cannot put the brakes on the administration of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and therefore the declaration sounds hollow.

Japan's Sankei Shimbun

Britain, France, Germany and other European allies of the US are worried that a situation will emerge where the US orders the meal and the allies foot the bill.

Beijing's China Daily commentary

There will be no successful Greater Middle East Initiative without decisive progress towards a resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict... Reform must be an initiative taken up by the Arabs alone to find their own path and to follow at their own pace.

Beijing's China Daily commentary

These Arab societies and especially their leaders should demonstrate a strong will and determination for change. Let's see if the mechanism established by the G-8 summit will spur them on.

Turkey's Milliyet commentary

It is ironic that, with the Middle East, Iraq and terrorism so high on the agenda, Washington chose not to invite to the summit the main organisation representing the Islamic world - the Organisation of Islamic Conference... Cooperation and discussion is what is called for, not exclusion and avoidance.

Malaysia's New Straits Times commentary

The summit was a success... All mankind will profit from it.

Kuwait's Al-Siyasah

The G8 summit was given much more importance than it really deserved.

Qatar's Al-Watan commentary

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