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Reagan funeral guest list
Changing of the guard overlooking Reagan's coffin
Reagan's funeral will be witnessed by US and foreign dignitaries
Ronald Reagan's funeral on Friday will be attended by dignitaries from the US and across the world.

They include:

US President George W Bush
The current president is a devoted follower of Reagan's, following his lead on economic policy and holding similar right-wing positions on many issues. He will deliver the eulogy.

Former US President George Bush
President Bush Senior was Reagan's vice-president, succeeding him to the White House in 1989.

Former US Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton
The remaining surviving presidents will all be in attendance, with their wives, flanking Nancy Reagan and her family.

Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
The "Iron Lady" was a close ideological ally and personal friend of Reagan. Together they saw their countries' "special relationship" reach its peak.

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev
Despite labelling the Soviet Union the "evil empire", Reagan struck up a close relationship with Mr Gorbachev and coaxed him towards liberalisation.

Former Polish President Lech Walesa
Mr Walesa, as leader of Poland's Solidarity movement in the 1980s, helped push the Soviet bloc towards collapse.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

Former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing and Foreign Minister Michel Barnier

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and heir to the throne Prince Charles

Presidents Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic, Ion Iliescu of Romania, Arturas Paulauskas of Lithuania and Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan

India's new Foreign Minister Natwar Singh and Pakistan's Senate Chairman Mohammadmian Soomro.

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