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'World's oldest person' dies, 114
Ramona Trinidad Iglesias Jordan
Iglesias is said to have been fond of beer with her meals
A Puerto Rican woman thought to be the world's oldest person has died, at the age of 114.

Ramona Trinidad Iglesias Jordan died early on Saturday after a bout of pneumonia in a nursing home in Rio Piedras, a suburb of San Juan. "I was hoping she could make it to her 115th birthday," one of her great-nephews Rene Matos to AP news agency.

Iglesias, born in 1889 was recognised as the world's oldest person by Guinness World Records in April.

However, there are reports of a Belarusian woman who celebrated her 116th birthday last month.

Hanna Barysevich has said that she had never thought of applying for recognition to Guinness World Records.

'Easy life'

Iglesias was born the same year as Charlie Chaplin, and the year the Eiffel Tower was opened. At the time Puerto Rico was still part of the Spanish empire.

A baptismal certificate showed she was born 31 August that year, however a birth certificate issued in 1948 showed her birth date as 1 September, AP reported.

Her husband, a bank manager, passed away in the 1970s, Mr Matos said. They had no children.

He put down her longevity to the fact that she had "a very easy life - easy in the sense that she didn't have too much to worry about".

She also enjoyed drinking beer.

"Even when she was over 100 years, every time we took her out to a restaurant, she always like to have a beer, a small beer... with the food," he said.

"That was the first thing she asked for when she got to a restaurant."

Guinness lists Fred Hale Sr of Syracuse, New York, aged 113, as the world's oldest man.

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