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Latino voters: Mario Gonzalez Corzo
We asked eight BBC News Website readers from the Latino community in the US to share their views with us ahead of the presidential election. Latinos are a key target group for both Democrats and Republicans in the election on 2 November.

Jose Bahamonde:
Miami, Florida

Geraldo Alonso:
San Antonio, Texas

Leslie Ramos:
New York, New York

Mario G Corzo:
N Bergen, New Jersey
Maria Chaboudy:
Houston, Texas

Alfonso Trujillo:
San Diego, California

Julian Gonzalez:
Washington DC

Jesus E Zuniga:
Chicago, Illinois

Mario Gonzalez Corzo

Mario Gonzalez Corzo
Name: Mario Gonzalez Corzo
Age: 34
Lives: North Bergen, New Jersey
Works: Economics Professor
Current voting intention: Undecided

As a young Hispanic professional concerned about the state of our economy, and the role of the US in global affairs, I am an undecided voter.

Our country is going through difficult times and both candidates have presented compelling reasons why they should be elected.

On foreign policy, President Bush has presented a strong case for re-election. He has demonstrated the ability to stay the course on the global struggle against fear and terror.

The situation in Iraq is far from stable, but the transition from a tyrannical system to one that embraces pluralism cannot be completed overnight.

Our panel: Where they live

It takes time and relentless determination. So when it comes to foreign policy and national security, I favour Mr Bush.

On the domestic front however, Mr Kerry offers some convincing arguments, particularly on the economy. His plans to reform the tax code and remove incentives for firms that outsource operations make sense.

His proposals on health care, education, and social security address fundamental issues of concern to all Americans.

When it comes to issues affecting Hispanics, such as immigration, education, jobs, and health care, Mr Kerry has a better handle on how to address them.

Yet the president has an impressive record when it comes to appointing Hispanics to key posts in his administration.

His No Child Left Behind initiative has also had a significant impact on education. He promises to reform immigration, and foster an "ownership society" during his second term.

Nevertheless on domestic issues, I am inclined to favour Senator Kerry.

My final decision will depend on which issue is more of a priority: national security or domestic concerns.

Which one will win?

Your comments:

The American political system does not serve Latinos' needs or aspirations. Until we vote as a Latino block nationally, we won't be taken seriously and the Republican Party machine with try to keep us divided in vote so that we won't matter in the final analysis.
Rafael De Arce, Portland, USA

Mr Corzo: The Bush administration's foreign policy just does not make sense. He has followed a course of action that simply makes the world more dangerous and vulnerable - not just in a political sense but also in an ecological sense. There are millions of people in the world who are affected by how the president of the USA decides to govern. Please elect Senator Kerry as the next president of the USA.
S Jayawardena, Colombo, Sri Lanka

I agree with Mario Gonzalez Corzo that Kerry would be a better president with regards to the economy, health care, social security and making it possible to obtain less expensive medicines from Canada and other countries. But I question whether President Bush can continue to squander good will abroad and at home, and continue on the path of unfavourable consequences for the country as a whole. I am also an undecided voter. This is the hardest choice to make for me between Kerry and Bush because neither of them are much to wish for.
Robert Vieites, Miami, FL, USA

I cannot believe after three debates, two party conventions and an entire season of primaries there is still someone who is undecided. Please stay home on election day and leave the democratic process to people who have enough of a passion for this country to have a clear opinion. It's not enough to be informed on the issues. You have to take the responsibility to determine what is best and vote accordingly.
A J Sarabia, Houston, TX, USA

America has a strong military and will defend itself no matter who the president is. Please concentrate your vote on economic issues which affect common people like you and me.
Kannan, Memphis, USA

Mario said: On foreign policy, President Bush has presented a strong case for re-election. How can it be strong if people all over the world oppose him and would rather see John Kerry as president?
SL, Helsinki, Finland

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