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Clairvoyant told Fujimori to flee
Alberto Fujimori
Peruvian TV viewers saw Fujimori asking whether he should flee Peru
Peru's disgraced ex-President Alberto Fujimori consulted a clairvoyant before fleeing the country to evade corruption scandals, a new videotape has shown.

Peruvian TV showed Mr Fujimori, who resigned in November 2000 after seeking exile in Japan, being warned of danger by the mysterious fortune teller.

Officials say the tape is one of a series filmed by ex-spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos, who is in jail in Peru.

A previous tape revealed the scandal that ended Mr Fujimori's rule.

Anti-corruption investigators have already begun the hunt to track down the clairvoyant, who is believed to be Bolivian and named Jennifer.

In the video, apparently filmed in 2000 and sent anonymously to a member of Congress a few days ago, she is seen telling Mr Fujimori that he would face serious danger soon after 15 September.

It was actually on 14 September 2000 that Mr Fujimori's government suffered a fatal blow, when video images came to light of Mr Montesinos buying the political support of an opposition congressman.

That was the start of a steady stream of what are now known as "Vladivideos", tapes made by Mr Montesinos while he enjoyed unchallenged power as the shadowy head of Peru's National Intelligence Services.

Corruption charges

The latest "Vladivideo" also shows Mr Fujimori asking "Jennifer" whether he should leave Peru to go to the United States or Japan.

"That would be a good idea," she replies.

The congresswoman who received the video, Anel Townsend Diez Canseco, says it shows that Mr Fujimori was already contemplating going into exile well before he fled in November 2000.

The video also shows "Jennifer" talking of her friendship with Ecuador's ex-President Jamil Mahuad, who was forced to leave office by the army and indigenous protesters in January 2000.

Mr Fujimori is seen saying that he had heard of her from Mr Mahuad, whom he describes as "my great friend".

Mr Fujimori faces a possible 30-year jail sentence if he ever returns to Peru, as prosecutors seek to bring him to justice on charges ranging from corruption to authorising death squads.

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