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Last Updated: Friday, 8 October, 2004, 21:54 GMT 22:54 UK
UN backs new anti-terror measures
By Susannah Price
BBC correspondent at the UN

Shamil Basayev
Chechen rebel Shamil Basayev is wanted by Russian authorities
The UN Security Council has passed unanimously a Russian resolution aimed at speeding up the extradition and prosecution of suspected terrorists.

Russia introduced the resolution after Chechen rebels attacked a school in Beslan in southern Russia last month.

Russia's ambassador to the UN called it a "road map" to enlarge the scope of counter-terrorism activities.

The resolution calls on all states to prevent acts of terror and take action against all who support such violence.

The sponsors of the resolution say it warms the global war on terrorism .

Members of al-Qaeda or the Taliban already face sanctions, but this resolution calls for the Security Council to look at measures to impose on other groups or individuals they believe are associated with terrorism.

Russian initiative

This is obviously a priority for the Russian government which is still dealing with the aftermath of the siege at the school in Beslan carried out by pro-Chechen militants.

The measures were originally proposed by Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in a speech to the General Assembly last month.

Russia's ambassador to the UN, Andrei Denisov, said it was clear that terrorism went beyond al-Qaeda and Taliban activities and that one priority task should be the drawing up of an international list of terrorists and their organisations.

Algeria and Pakistan had earlier expressed concern that the resolution would make it a crime to fight against foreign occupation but said they were satisfied with the final text.

Human rights group Amnesty International said it believed the broad scope of the resolution meant that peaceful political or human rights activists could be detained or prosecuted under its provisions.


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