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Last Updated: Saturday, 2 October, 2004, 13:10 GMT 14:10 UK
Voters' views: Gary Webb
In the run up to the American presidential elections we will be asking a panel of voters to share their views on the key issues. Here they give their opinion on Thursday's debate between US President George W Bush and his Democratic challenger John Kerry.

Linda Alston:
Madison, Wisconsin

Jim Hill:
Sudbury, Mass.

Laura Stietz:
Sidney, New York
Jorge Caspary:
Tallahassee, Florida

Shankar Iyer:
Fairfax, Virginia

Gary Webb
Gary Webb:
Sacramento, C'fornia

Gary Webb

As much as I'd dreaded it, I'm glad I watched the debate.

Gary Webb
Name: Gary Webb
Age: 48
Lives: Sacramento, California
Works: Writer
Current voting intention: Non-voter
In 10 words or less:
"Author and responsible anarchist"
I'm not only going to vote this year, I'm going to do it gladly. So John Kerry isn't a cuddly guy. So what?

With the world collapsing around us, I'd much rather have Kerry making decisions in my name than that man we call the president.

When he wasn't acting catatonic, Bush was just mulishly stubborn - Iraq's a success, North Korea's a success, Iran's a success. And let's not forget the continuing success in Israel.

How many more successes of this sort can we bear?

I was impressed with Kerry's grasp of the issues, the detailed answers he gave and his merciful restraint in loading his responses with campaign catch-phrases.

Our panel - Where they live

Bush, on the other hand, reminded me of a talking parrot.

You got the same few memorised lines irrespective of the question.

But perhaps the most disconcerting moment was when my son pointed out the strong resemblance the candidates bear to Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street.

The debate wasn't quite the same after that.

Send us your comments on Gary's views using the form below.

Thank you Gary for watching the debates and getting what John Kerry is about as leader with a clear plan for Iraq and the war on terror. I too don't want a stubborn parrot running the country anymore. Bush did not give any plan about Iraq or the war on terror. He just kept saying it's hard work.
Dee, Seattle, US

Thanks a lot. Now I will see Burt and Ernie going at it the next 2 times I watch them.
Mike Trantham, Oklahoma City, USA

With such strong feelings and opinions why won't you vote, Gary, if you'd rather have Kerry speaking for you, why not vote for him!! Why let the Bush machine run over Kerry, in large part due to apathy such as yours!
Sue, Santa Monica, California, USA

I applaud your son for his ability to see things from various point of views, I think it makes it easier to vote for Kerry or for Bush by keeping Bert and Ernie in mind at all times. I have read your responses in the past and agree with your opinion and with your style; Kerry impressed me much more than I had expected.
Helmut, Los Angeles USA

When confronted with the failures of his Iraq policies, Bush was clearly unable to do much more than repeat the sound-bites he's been trained to use. He appears to be unable to formulate original responses. Kerry commanded the stage.
Mark Shaffer, Pacific Grove, California

To Gary Webb: Please vote and get your friends to vote too. This is serious. The rest of us out and about in the world can only look on at this stage and trust there are enough responsible Americans to oust Bush.
S Robertson, Australia

I just hope all the non-voters of USA would voter either Nader, or some other candidate with no chance. Having a bi-party-system is a crime against democracy and everyone who supports such system is guilty.
Jaakko Jokinen, Helsinki, Finland


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