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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 May, 2004, 18:59 GMT 19:59 UK
TV crew survives chopper crash
Remains of WNBC-TV news helicopter on a rooftop
The crash was filmed by another news helicopter crew
A local TV news reporter and two pilots have escaped serious injury after their helicopter crashed on the roof of an apartment building in New York City.

The crew from WNBC-TV were covering a shooting in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn on Tuesday when the helicopter seemed to spin out of control.

It hit a building then dramatically broke apart as it fell onto a rooftop.

The reporter and two men who were on board are said to be in stable condition in hospital.

There were no reports of injuries on the ground.

Witnesses said the aircraft made a noise like a stuttering motorcycle before it went down.

"I looked out of the window, and it was spinning around out of control. And then it dropped down behind some trees," Roger Green told the AP news agency.

A helicopter from rival local news station WABC-TV caught the crash on video.

The reporter on board told WABC-TV: "You're hoping they're able to get out of it, and then you are hoping you can help them.

"It's just a horrible, horrible thing to witness."

Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the accident.

The BBC's Krista Beighton
"The crew had been reporting a shooting but became the news story themselves"

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