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Hurricane's trail of destruction

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BBC News Online charts the trail of destruction left by Hurricane Ivan as it passed across the Caribbean, claiming lives and destroying homes and crops.


Some of your pictures of Hurricane Ivan in the Caribbean

Known death toll: One Canadian woman drowned in floodwaters.

Estimated damage: More than 350 homes damaged or destroyed. Some hotels were also damaged, but all remain open.

We experienced winds about 65 mph. However this was strong enough to uproot trees in the centre of the island. In our neighbourhood, one house was totally destroyed with its contents scattered on the street. Barbados was lucky not to get a direct hit from this terrible hurricane. The devastation would have been unimaginable.
Ronald Barker, Southall, UK


Known death toll: Four young people drowned after being swept away by giant wave in Santo Domingo.

Estimated damage: No substantial damage recorded.

Even though we are 700 miles away we are beginning to feel the effects of Ivan, with bursts of heavy rain followed by strong breezes. We will not be impacted directly but should feel the effects of the "tail" It is going to be a long night.
Michael O Kelly, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


A woman takes shelter in Grenada
Grenada was the worst hit with many killed and thousands of homes destroyed

Known death toll: At least 37 people killed.

Estimated damage: About 90% of homes damaged or destroyed, with many having their roofs ripped off. Electricity and telephone services cut and shortages of both food and drinking water. Severe damage to the island's crucial nutmeg industry.

Images of Hiroshima after the atom bomb come to mind. Almost all of the house roofs are gone, debris litters the streets and the most prominent sound that you can hear is the sound of chain saws as people try to clear the wreckage. On our way out of town we were stopped by soldiers who wanted to search us for looted materials, they eventually allowed us to continue but warned us that their orders were to arrest people on the streets.
Leslie, Visitor to Grenada from Barbados


Known death toll: At least one person killed.

Estimated damage: Up to 7,500 homes damaged by severe winds and flooding. Cars swept away and trees toppled. Power lines and fresh water supplies cut.

Well "Ivan the Terrible" has lived up to his name. My brother said his wife, son, daughter-in law and grand-baby were under the bed in the early hours of the storm, after the roof of his home was blown off. He was not at home, but at work so he was agonised to know that they had to spend the entire storm without a roof over they heads and he could not help them. Apparently all the homes there are damaged, so it is a very sad situation.
Claudine Stuart, Nashville Tennessee


Known death toll: At least three people killed.

Estimated damage: More than 70 homes destroyed by fierce seas on the southern coastline. A further 250 homes damaged.


Jamaica Hurricane Ivan damage
There has been substantial damage to buildings across Jamaica

Known death toll: At least 20 people killed, including a man and his three children buried in a mudslide.

Estimated damage: Large-scale damage to housing and infrastructure, with many buildings having their roofs ripped off and suffering flood damage. Large areas cut off by severe flooding and debris and much of the island is without electricity.

The sky acquired a fluorescent green colour with sudden red and blue lighting flashes falling from the sky. Visibility is almost none and there's water falling from all directions - from the sky, sideways and even from underground as the sewers are full. It seems as if there were water fountains everywhere.
RFO, Kingston, Jamaica


Hurricane Ivan hits Trinidad
Fierce waves pummelled the coast of Trinidad

Known death toll: One pregnant woman crushed by a tree in Tobago.

Estimated damage: Roofs of some 30 buildings, including homes, offices and schools, blown off. Some flooding damage in central Trinidad.

At about 0500 on 7 September we were aroused by winds that rattled windows and rain that blew in under doors. This we thought was the start but lasted only a few minutes and was followed by a long period of calm. At about 1000 I had to visit my office for five minutes to bring home some equipment and was amazed to see vendors and customers on the streets and bars open, overflowing with patrons. The continuous updates on the local television quelled any undue anxiety, but the wait was somewhat uneasy.
Emrol Gould, Diego Martin, Trinidad & Tobago


Known death toll: At least five people killed and a dozen injured by heavy rains, flooding and giant waves. Nine people reported missing on a small boat off the coast.

Estimated damage: Some 350 homes damaged and 21 destroyed. More than 40 boats damaged or sunk.


Known death toll: No casualties reported.

Estimated damage: Damage to the infrastructure and dozens of houses, with the government putting the cost of repairs at US$2.5m. Severe damage to the island's banana industry, with an estimated 30% of the crop destroyed.


Known death toll: No casualties reported.

Estimated damage: Some 50 homes, schools and other buildings damaged, along with a number of boats in the Grenadines. According to the government 20% of the banana crop has been destroyed.

On St Vincent we were lucky, although I suppose those who lost their houses don't feel quite like that. To everyone up the islands who were equally lucky this time - please don't get complacent. There's one shop in Kingstown whose owners just nailed a few strips of wood on their glass show windows. Much help that would have been! It could happen to every one of us.
Pat Commissiong, Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines


Cubans flee Hurricane Ivan
Millions have been evacuated from their homes in Cuba

Known death toll: No casualties reported, 1.3 million people evacuated as a precaution.

Estimated damage: Western tip of Cuba hit, bringing torrential rain, fierce winds and surging seas.

I have just spoken to friends in Havana and Las Tunas tonight and although there have been strong winds and heavy rain they have not sustained any damage to their houses. I hope all Cubans are as lucky. The phones and electricity are still working. It is fortunate that the eye of Ivan appears to have passed between the Western tip of Cuba and the Yucatan peninsula.
Ian, Manchester, England


Hurricane Ivan hits Alabama
America's southern coast is being battered by the hurricane

Known death toll: Up to 22 people reported dead

Estimated damage: Some 80 homes damaged or destroyed by hurricane related tornados in Florida, but huge waves and fierce winds are pummelling Alabama, where Ivan first made landfall. About two million people have been evacuated from the area as a precaution.

Gridlock is present on all northerly highways and interstates. All grocery and retail stores in Mobile and Baldwin County are bare. We are all praying this won't be a Camille or worse, but there is no telling now. Predicting mother nature is foolish.
Chris Marhan, Mobile, Alabama, USA

The BBC's Stephen Gibbs
"The damage Ivan left behind is still emerging"


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