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Last Updated: Saturday, 11 September, 2004, 15:06 GMT 16:06 UK
Eyewitness: Hurricane Ivan
BBC News Online user, Andy Hill, e-mailed his eyewitness account of Hurricane Ivan from his hotel in Negril, Jamaica.

Hurricane Ivan
Hurricane Ivan passes over Andy Hill's hotel in Jamaica
It's almost 0700 here and has been light for an hour.

Most of the guests here have been sheltering in "hurricane safe" rooms in the centre of the hotel complex. There are rows of duvets and pillows laid out among desks and photocopiers. It's not possible to move around without waking someone up.

The hotel boarded up the windows yesterday, and moved all loose furniture to inside rooms. Guests packed up suitcases and gathered emergency overnight bags with a change of clothes and medication.

We started to take shelter around 2100 local time (0200GMT) and the winds really started to pick up.

Power went off here yesterday afternoon, and the hotel generators have kept us with light and refrigeration since then. The night was long, interrupted by wind howling down passageways near us.

The wind appears to be gathering strength; palm trees on the beach are being damaged although none seem to have been blown over. Pieces of trees and debris are being blown around at head height.

Its just about safe to walk outside just next to the offices, although any further outside the immediate area would be treacherous.

There are no mobile phone services at the moment, and many landlines are out. Guests here are wanting to call back to the UK and USA to reassure friends and family, but it's not possible and that's causing some distress.

We are told that by this afternoon the worst will be over. Then we will be able to see what damage there has been to electricity, water supplies and most importantly the airport.

Most of us would just like to come home.


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