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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 September, 2004, 13:28 GMT 14:28 UK
Potter film hope for disabled dog
Faith the two-legged dog
At 3ft tall Faith frightens the cats Image: Scopfeatures.com
A two-legged dog that has learned to walk like a human could be considered for a role in the next Harry Potter film, according to reports.

Faith's owners in Oklahoma City in the US believe the part could involve her appearing as the result of a spell.

But the Stringfellow family said British trainers working on the film had not yet confirmed a part for Faith, who was born with the disability.

The three-foot tall dog even has her own showbiz lawyer.

Faith has been featured on the Ricki Lake show in the US and has attracted widespread interest from newspapers all over the world.


The family has been contacted about the possibility of doing a few scenes in the fourth Harry Potter movie, The Goblet Of Fire, currently being filmed in the UK, but no plans have been finalised, they said.

The 19-month-old labrador-chow cross was adopted by the Stringfellows as a three-week old puppy in danger of being rejected by her mother and put down.

She was suffering from a birth defect that meant her front legs were not fully formed.

Over six months the family taught her to stand, hop and eventually walk and run on her two back legs.

Part of her therapy included being put on a skateboard to experience movement, the Stringfellows told a US newspaper.

When her partial front legs began to weaken and die she had an operation to have them removed.

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