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Arnie ale meets strong arm of law
Governator Ale label
The name of the ale morphed "Governor" with "Terminator"
It's been a bad morning after for a brewing company that decided to play on the image of California's governor.

A few months ago "Governator Ale" was launched, complete with label featuring a cartoon of the former Mr Universe in a strongman pose.

But Arnold Schwarzenegger's attorneys took exception to this use of his image and production has now ceased, Portland Brewing Company has confirmed.

A settlement is now in the offing, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Down the drain

The idea behind Governator Ale came from Oregon brewing veteran Jerome Chicvara, Portland Brewing Co's chief executive.

You don't overexpose an asset like the governor
Rob Stutzman
Schwarzenegger communications director
In January, he said he was surprised that no Californian brewers had thought of it first.

Many Californians are now probably glad they did not.

The LA Times reports that Governor Schwarzenegger's lawyers are zealous guardians of his image.

It says dozens of firms which attempted to profit from the Terminator star's appeal without authorisation have met a similar fate.

Among them are a car dealership, a greeting cards manufacturer and a slot machine company.

Mr Schwarzenegger's advisers say it is not about money.

They point out that he has rejected his $175,000-a-year salary as governor and sometimes donates legal settlements to charity.

"You don't overexpose an asset like the governor," Mr Schwarzenegger's communications director Rob Stutzman was quoted as saying.

"If it's not special any more to see the governor promoting something, then you lose an advantage that we would otherwise have. That's just a fundamental principle of marketing."

Portland Brewing Co gave no other comment.

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