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Kerry victory speech: Excerpts
John Kerry celebrates Super Tuesday results in Washington DC
John Kerry condemned President George Bush's policies as "inept"
Excerpts from the speech by Democrat Senator John Kerry after he won primaries in nine out of 10 "Super Tuesday" states.

Thank you to voters from coast to coast who have truly made this a super Tuesday...

I believe that in 2004, one united Democratic Party, we can and we will win this election.

And we will build one America of freedom and of fairness for all...

We will renew our alliances and build new alliances because they are essential to the final victory and success of the war on terror.

The Bush administration has run the most inept, reckless, arrogant and ideological foreign policy in the modern history of our country and we will reverse that course.

'Bring it on'

This president has said again and again that he wants to run on national security.

George Bush, who promised to become a uniter, has become the great divider

Well, if George Bush wants to make national security the central issue of the campaign of 2004, I have three words for him, that I know he understands - bring it on.

This campaign is about the big issues and the great challenges that we face as a nation.

It is about our generation's opportunity to step up and to follow in the footsteps of the greatest generation and all those who have defined the history of our nation.

Our opponents can't campaign on jobs or health care or fiscal responsibility.

Instead, George Bush, who promised to become a uniter, has become the great divider.

Just last week, he proposed to amend the Constitution of the United States for political purposes.

And we say that he has no right to misuse the most precious document in our history in an effort to divide this nation and distract us from our goals.

We resoundingly reject the politics of fear and distortion.

We will instead, all across this nation, throughout these next months, keep trust with Lincoln's ideal of America as "the last best hope of Earth".

'Restoring faith in leadership'

When I first led veterans to the Mall here in Washington to stop the war in Vietnam, it was a time of doubt and fear in this land.

It was a time when millions of Americans could not trust or believe what their leaders were telling them.

And now, today, Americans are once again wondering if they can trust and believe the leadership of our country.

Our campaign is about restoring that faith, speaking plainly and honestly to the American people, offering real choices about the future.

About leading America in a new direction, guided by the enduring values that this nation has held dear for over 200 years.

Our campaign is about building a fairer, safer, more prosperous America - the nation that is again the great light for all the world...

So the message rings out across the land tonight.

Get ready, a new day is on the way.

Goodnight, God bless all of you and God bless the America that we all love so much.

Thank you and take care.

John Kerry
"Our campaign is about building a fairer and more prosperous America"

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