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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 March, 2004, 21:52 GMT
Boy finds fame with smelly shoes
Smelly trainer contest
A heady cocktail of dirt and sweat is said to yield the smelliest trainers
A 10-year-old Vermont boy has won an annual competition for having the smelliest sports shoes in America.

Coming first amongst nine finalists, Daegan Goodman said his trainers were victorious because "I just wear 'em, sweat in 'em... I just try".

The competition is sponsored by a manufacturer of deodorant products for shoes and feet.

Veteran contest judge George Aldrich said: "The stench sometimes stays with me for days. It's like a flashback."

Olfactory adjudicator

The contest was held in Vermont state's Montpelier city - hailed as the "Rotten Sneaker Capital of the World".

Its 10-year-old winner is set to become a familiar face on America's myriad cable television stations, which, say organisers, are clamouring to interview him.

He also walks away with a savings bond worth $500, a $100 voucher for a fresh pair of trainers and a range of Odor Eater products.

Contestants' trainers are primed for the challenge by a mock military-style instructor, who puts the participants through gruelling, sweat-inducing exercises.

Mr Aldrich's credentials as an olfactory adjudicator date back to his days conducting smell tests for American space agency Nasa.

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