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Quiz: The US presidency
President Bush's inauguration ceremony
How old do you have to be to become president?
The presidential election season is now in full swing in the US.

Test your knowledge of all things presidential in our quiz.

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Question 1
Why is the presidential election always held on a Tuesday?
A: Traditionally, people in rural America had to travel a long way to vote. If voting was on a Monday, they would have had to set out on a Sunday which would have interfered with worship
B: On 30 April, 1789, George Washington took his oath of office as the first US president. It was a Tuesday, so the importance of the day stuck
C: The US constitution was signed on a Tuesday
Question 2
What is the minimum age for a candidate to run for president?
A: 25
B: 30
C: 35
Question 3
Which president of the US between 1945 and 2004 has had the honour of having both the highest - and lowest - approval rating during the same term in office?
A: Jimmy Carter
B: George W Bush
C: Harry Truman
Question 4
If the president is unable to serve, the vice-president will take over. If, however, the vice-president either dies or is incapacitated, who takes over then?
A: President pro tempore ("for a time") of the Senate
B: Speaker of the House of Representatives
C: Secretary of State
Question 5
Whose "doctrine" committed the US to use military action in the Middle East if its interests were threatened?
A: Woodrow Wilson
B: Dwight D Eisenhower
C: George Bush (senior)
Question 6
How many US presidents have been assassinated?
A: Two
B: Three
C: Four
Question 7
Which of these presidents was NOT impeached?
A: Richard Nixon
B: Andrew Johnson
C: Bill Clinton
Question 8
What is known as the "zero-year White House curse"?
A: Presidents elected during a "zero year" beginning with 1860 have not been re-elected
B: In 1930, 1940 and 1950, there were reported sightings of a ghost in the Oval Office
C: Beginning in 1840, and in each consecutive 20-year administration through to 1960, the incumbent president has died in office
Question 9
Which is the only room in the 132-room White House dedicated to a single president?
A: A library
B: A bedroom
C: A room used for after-dinner entertainment
Question 10
Which of these packages is NOT among the perks of being president of the United States?
A: A masseur and a pet of choice
B: A salary of $390,000 per year and pension
C: A chef and an aeroplane

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