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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 October, 2004, 18:37 GMT 19:37 UK
Election web links
BBC News Online has trawled the internet and compiled a list of the best USA 2004 election websites.

Candidates' official websites:

Media websites:

Other sites of interest:

AFL-CIO America's Union Movement

History of presidential elections since 1860

Childrens' guide to the Election

US Government watchdog

Site promoting public debate on US foreign policy

Democratic Party National Committee

Background to presidential elections

E-Democracy resource page

Elections, politics and the law

US Electoral College records

Pressure group aiming to boost pro-choice Democratic women in politics

Mixture of serious and light-hearted election news

Nonpartisan group that debunks misleading claims by candidates and their supporters

Government election regulatory body, compiles financial declarations from every candidate

US Government web portal

Site that maps campaign funding

Current polls from the international research company

US environmental political party

Hispanic-American election coverage

Promoting women's involvement in US politics

US political party promoting libertarian principles

Reading list and background information

Pro-Democrat online activist group

Information and statistics on past and present elections

Site comparing candidates' positions on major issues

New York Times's list of politics weblinks

Independent research group working on attitudes toward the press, politics and policy issues

Politics information site

African-American election blog

Opinion polls from a range of sources

Information on candidates, including voting records and campaign finances

Background and public opinion on major issues

US political party campaigning on reform platform

Republican Party's National Committee

Insider news from Capitol Hill

Documents from Florida 2000 election cases

Answer questions to find out who you should back

News and debate gathered under the "conservative" umbrella

Facts and figures on the US population

Information on vice-presidents

Comment and analysis from weblog writers

Election basics from the US Embassy in Britain

News and information from Congress

News and information about the US president

Weblinks guide from Northern Illinois University

Game based on congressional elections

Campaign to get young people to vote

Opinion polls from US-based research company


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