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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 December, 2003, 15:22 GMT
US candidate meets dream ticket
Dennis Kucinich
Kucinich is widely seen as the most radical Democrat contender
Dennis Kucinich's chances of winning the US Democrat presidential nomination may be slim but for supporter Gina Marie Santore he is still the best bet.

"He's the only single one," the unmarried New Jersey woman explained over a drink before a date with Mr Kucinich in Concord, New Hampshire.

Ms Santore won a light-hearted internet poll to find him a "First Lady" after the issue arose in a debate last month.

Thursday is the day fixed for their inaugural meeting, somewhere in Concord.

His "fantasy" woman would be "fearless in her desire for... universal, single-payer health care..."
Supporters include writer Alice Walker, singer Willie Nelson, rock musicians Ani DiFranco and Michelle Shocked, film star Danny Glover
Elected mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, at the age of 31 but lost office within two years
Congressman Kucinich is a Vegan who advocates nuclear disarmament and "reasonable boundaries for marijuana use"
Sources: Kucinich website, AP and AFP news agencies

After her arrival on Wednesday at Mr Kucinich's own invitation, Ms Santore told AP news agency that she found the political views of the 57-year-old congressman "intoxicating".

"I hope that he's fun," she said, her red fingernails glittering. "I hope there's a lighter side to him."

Asked if she minded that he is a vegan, the New Jerseyan replied: "As long as he drinks, it's OK".

Ms Satore, a sheriff's confidential aide and self-declared lifelong Democrat, did not specify which of Dennis Kucinich's views "intoxicated" her most but the candidate himself has made quite clear the kind of woman he wants by his side in the White House.

"As a bachelor I get a chance to fantasise about my first lady," he said at a debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, last month.

"I certainly want a dynamic, outspoken woman who was fearless in her desire for peace in the world and for universal, single-payer health care and a full-employment economy."

The declaration prompted the poll which Ms Satore won, taking slightly more than 51% of the 20,000 votes cast.

If the pair fail to find the food of love on Thursday's breakfast table, the 34-year-old Ms Satore at least has a boyfriend back in New Jersey.

As for Dennis Kucinich, the twice-married divorcee may have to throw himself headlong into his politics again if he is to claw his way up from the bottom of the opinion polls for the Democrat nomination.

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