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Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 October, 2003, 17:18 GMT
US school cooks scoop lotto win
Minnesota school workers who scooped $95m on the lottery
The school workers range in ages
Fifteen cooks and a caretaker at a US school waited until the busy lunchtime rush was over before coming forward to claim a $95m (56m) lottery ticket.

The women got on the bus to the lottery offices in Minnesota after serving up lunches at Holdingford High School.

"It was really tough... concentrating on the meal," said Karen Overman.

The winners - some of whom intend to keep working - had each given a quarter (15 pence) from every pay check towards four Powerball tickets since 1990.

The school workers, who call themselves the Happy Huskers, bought one of two winning tickets for the $190.9m (112m) jackpot.

No one has claimed the second ticket, which was sold in a small Indiana town.


One of the winners, Donna Lange, said she realised they had hit the jackpot after checking numbers she had copied down from a Sunday newspaper.

As the ticket was pinned to the school notice board, she rang Ms Overman who had a key to the building.

From left to right: Lottery winners Elaine Schumer, Susan Breth, Karen Overman and Phylis Breth
All smiles... they could take home over $2m each
"I called her a liar three times," said Ms Overman.

Though delighted with their win, some say they have no intention yet of giving up their day jobs.

"One of the students asked me how it felt to be a millionaire," said Elaine Schumer. "I said, 'I don't know about that, but you're very lucky to have million dollar cooks'."

The women have the option of taking $95.45m (56m) worth of annual repayments over 30 years, or $49.8m (29m) in cash before taxes.

They told a news conference they had not decided whether to take the cash option, which would amount to just over $2m (1.17m) each after taxes.

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