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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 August, 2003, 23:35 GMT 00:35 UK
Seven die in Chicago shooting

Chicago police near scene of warehouse shooting
The shooting occurred on Chicago's south side
A man has opened fire at a car parts warehouse in Chicago, killing at least six people, before being shot dead by police.

The authorities identified the gunman as 36-year-old Salvador Tapia and described him as a disgruntled employee who was sacked six months ago.

It appears he hunted down and shot dead six fellow employees before refusing to surrender, authorities said.

The man had had a history of previous arrests on gun charges as well as assault and domestic violence, they said.

He was fired for causing trouble at work and frequently showing up late at work or not at all.

From the scene, it appears he went throughout the supply warehouse shooting them
Acting Chicago Police Superintendent Philip Cline

Police were called to the scene after shots were heard at the facility, Windy City Core Supply Inc, on the south side of Chicago early on Wednesday.

They first tried to negotiate by phone with the gunman, but said he "wanted no part of it", and an hour-long stand-off ensued.

Police then exchanged fire with the gunman, both inside and outside the warehouse, before SWAT teams moved in, shooting him dead.

Workplace shootings

The shooting occurred a week after a car supply plant worker in Ohio killed one co-worker and wounded two others before killing himself.

Other workplace shooting incidents in recent years include the death of four people killed at a Chicago plant in February 2001 by a former colleague about to start a prison term.

In December 2000, a man shot dead seven people at an internet company in Wakefield, Massachusetts

In November 1999 another seven were killed at a Xerox facility in Hawaii.

In July of that year, a stock trader killed nine people at two Atlanta brokerage offices and later committed suicide.

The BBC's Michael Buchanan in Washington
"The victims never stood a chance - the gunman blocked the only exit from the building"

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