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Bush UN speech provokes media
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President George W Bush's address to the UN General Assembly in New York has generated heated debate in the world's media.

Commentators in Muslim countries adopt a hostile stance, those in many other countries also condemn the US, but there is also some support for Washington.

In Great Britain or the United States one has to eat "humble pie", in the German-language zone, one is forced to "set one's sights lower" or to "tone down one's demands". In any case, all these expressions can be applied to George Bush's appearance at the UN General Assembly.

Der Standard - Austria

Bush's remarks reveal with perfect clarity the extent to which the leaders of the two countries (USA and Germany) are still talking at cross-purposes ... Germans haven't been pacifists for a long time, if they ever were.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung - Germany

A positive vote in the Security Council is the pre-condition for the internationalisation of the Iraq problem, and this is what the president asked for in his speech to the UN, not meekly but self-confidently, without denying the difficulties in Iraq. And indeed, there is no reason for repentance. Five months after the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iraq's situation is now better than it was a year ago.

Die Welt- Germany

The mess is America's own. If he [Bush] wants the international community to mop it up for him, he should ask for it with at least some studied humbleness. Should he not, in fact, hand over everything to the UN?

The Nation - Kenya

In a statement to US Fox TV network, President Bush hinted that it was not necessary to give the UN a critical role in Iraq. This confirms the pursuit of the US course, which is a total disregard of the international community's wish, represented by the UN and its role in protecting peace and security.

Al-Ahram- Egypt

As usual, the speeches at the UN General Assembly will have been prepared in advance. Washington's call for the international community to share the burden of its occupation [in Iraq] is a clear indication of the situation in which the new imperialist has found itself.

Al -Ra'y - Jordan

There is a rare unity on the floor of the Assembly, but it is a unity in discontent... Clearly, world government concocted by and slanted towards the victors of the Second World War... is unrepresentative and outmoded under today's geopolitical realities. It is like a court of ageing, hereditary nobles trying to lead an awakened proletariat. One way or the other, some sort of revolution is bound to come. And it must come, no matter what it takes and how long we have to wait.

New Straits Times - Malaysia

The 58th session of the UN General Assembly in New York witnessed open confrontation between President George Bush and French President Jacques Chirac, who challenged the US policy of force and unilateralism and urged the US to respect international laws. It is unacceptable for an individual to operate in the name of the entire world.

Al-Safir - Lebanon

Iraq has become a hot potato and Bush cannot but seek help from the international community, but if the United States does not hand over governing power to the Iraqis as soon as possible, the White House's goal will be very difficult to realize.

Ta Kung Pao - Hong Kong

The US is stuck in a quagmire like never before. It is seeking to drag others in there and step on them to escape. Like Turkey.

Hurriyet -Turkey

The disastrous aftermath of the war has forced a rethink. The Americans are unable to maintain law and order, or essential services, in the country they occupy. Yesterday the President asked for help. Should other countries come to his aid? There is only one possible answer. Of course they should; and in such a way as to permit him to save face.

Irish Independent - Ireland

When Jacques Chirac and George Bush took it turns to speak from the UN podium yesterday, the clash was inevitable. The French president presented himself as the champion of international law and world solidarity, while the American president came across as the leader of the global anti-terrorist war... Chirac paid close attention to Bush's speech, and even applauded politely, with his fingertips. But Bush had already left the hall when his French opposite number started to speak.

Le Figaro - France

The differences between France and the United States over the Iraq war and the role of the UN in international politics remain complete and unchanged. The speeches by Jacques Chirac and George Bush to the UN General Assembly in New York demonstrated this, with both of them entrenched in their positions.

Le Monde - France

It is clear that heavy US casualties in the aftermath of the Iraq war have raised concerns and strong criticism from the American people. The longer the US remains, the more US soldiers will die. The US is digging its own grave by remaining in Iraq.

Waspada - Indonesia

The speeches at the UN General Assembly demonstrated the open contradiction between America's unilateral stance and the belief in pluralism in the rest of the world. The assembly created an opportunity for the UN secretary-general and world leaders to defend the outstanding role of this organization and its identity. At the same time they criticized America for undermining the UN role over the past year. It seems that in the wake of the General Assembly, the secretary-general and other world leaders will take measures to combat America's policy of pre-emptive strikes by legal means.

Iranian Radio

[Mr Bush's comments on the Palestinian question during his UN speech] were infuriating and exasperating for the Palestinian people, the Arab nation and all freedom lovers around the world. The position President Bush revealed to the rest of the world is a disparagement of all the moral and political values of this international community... [Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon possesses a strong card against President Yasser Arafat - Bush's speech and US support.

Arafat adviser Ahmad Abd-Al-Rahman on Egyptian Radio

US President George Bush failed to gain any support for his failed war in Iraq during his speech before the UN General Assembly, generating more ridicule than admiration among the envoys because it contained a boring repetition of former positions and underlined the US arrogance that has made the present US administration the most hated one in the whole world... He has failed totally to gain the trust of all the Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims because of his total bias toward the Israeli aggression, just as he has failed to gain the minds and hearts of the Iraqis.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi - London-based Arabic language

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