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Profile: Andrew Luster
Andrew Luster, July 2001
Luster indulged his many passions until his arrest
Andrew Luster, heir to the Max Factor cosmetics empire, lived a life of privilege until his arrest three years ago.

The 39-year-old multi-millionaire never had to work for a living, and spent much of his time surfing and fishing.

He grew up on exclusive Malibu Beach in Los Angeles, but a seemingly carefree childhood was interrupted when he was nine by the death of his father, a well-known psychiatrist.

Luster is the great-grandson of legendary Hollywood make-up mogul Max Factor, who established his empire in Hollywood in the 1920s.

After the family business was sold to Proctor & Gamble in the 1970s, Luster lived off a trust fund and real estate investments believed to be worth about $31m.

Beach house

Luster went to college but dropped out without earning a degree.

Instead, he bought a beach house near Santa Barbara and began living a life of leisure.

A regular on the Santa Barbara club scene, Luster also often travelled to Mexico to pursue his interests: surfing, fishing, and visiting local bars.

But it was another of his many hobbies that eventually sealed his fate.

Luster recorded the sex scenes in his bedroom - and literally caught himself on tape.

During the search of his house in 2000, police found videotapes of Luster having sex with women who appeared to be either asleep or drugged.

In one of the tape, he is seen on camera declaring: "That's exactly what I like in my room: a passed-out beautiful girl."

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