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Last Updated: Thursday, 19 June, 2003, 21:24 GMT 22:24 UK
Fugitive heir deported to US
Andrew Luster photographed after his arrest in Mexico
Luster disappeared in January while on trial
Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster, who was arrested in Mexico, has arrived in the United States to start his 124 year prison sentence.

The convicted rapist arrived at Los Angeles airport on Thursday evening on a commercial flight.

Luster, 39, was arrested on Wednesday in the Pacific resort of Puerto Vallarta as the US bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman was trying seize him.

He had fled the US in January when he jumped his $1m bail during his trial.

He was later convicted in his absence on 86 counts of rape, poisoning and drug possession.

The arrest was made after a couple who had spent time with Luster in Puerto Vallarta contacted the FBI when they returned to the US and realised who he was.

The couple also notified Mr Chapman, who is believed to have been hunting Luster since he jumped his bail.

Hiding in plain sight

Luster disappeared on 3 January, despite being under house arrest and wearing an electronic tag.

His car and dog were found later that month.

Great grandson of cosmetics mogul Max Factor
Arrested in July 2000
Bail initially set at $10m, reduced to $1m
Trial began in December 2002
Disappeared on 3 Jan
Found guilty on 21 Jan on 86 of 87 charges

Reports say he had been living in a hotel in Puerto Vallarta for a month - next door to the local office of the federal justice department.

He was sentenced in February for raping three women and drugging two of them with the so-called "date rape" drug GHB at his home in California.

His lawyers argued during the trial that the sex had been consensual and suggested that Luster may have been kidnapped or had an accident.

But last week a Californian court ruled out an appeal, saying he had forfeited his right to appeal by skipping bail and going on the run.

Luster is the great-grandson of Max Factor, who established a cosmetics empire in 1920s Hollywood.

The firm was sold by Max Factor junior in the 1970s.

The BBC's David Willis
"Apprehended in Mexico - not by police or the FBI, but by bounty hunters"

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